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Rago & Farina vs Italoconnection - Rago & Farina vs Italoconnection (CD)

Rago & Farina vs Italoconnection - Rago & Farina vs Italoconnection (CD)


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Released on: 20. August 2021

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Nadanna proudly presents a maxed-out compilation CD featuring RAGO & FARINA vs ITALOCONNECTION, What a collaboration!

Francesco RAGO and Gianluigi FARINA are behind the pioneering Italo Disco/Synth-pop projects 'Lectric Workers ("Robot Is Systematic"), Atelier Folie ("No Rhyme, No Reason"), Cariocas, Dalì, Decadance ("On And On (Fears Keep On)"), Expansives ("Life With You"), Message From Future, Pleasure Discipline, Wanexa ("The Man From Colours"), creating a collection of timeless classics as a duo or in cooperation with further composers especially around 1982/83, but also later on. Then there is Federico Di Bonaventura (Fred Ventura), another pioneer of Italian New Wave (State Of Art) and Italo Disco (Flexx, Albert One, as Fred Ventura, and writing for the likes of Den Harrow, etc.), who has teamed up with mainly Paolo Gozzetti to form ITALOCONNECTION around 2012 to keep a modern vision of Italo Disco alive.

This is a special release to pay tribute to years of friendship, collaboration and travels between them: "Rago and Farina vs Italoconnection" is a compilation that revisits iconic Italo Disco songs and more. Reworked, produced and mixed for you with love by Italoconnection and Rago & Farina! The first four tracks have been released on vinyl early July 2021 on Fred Ventura's own Disco Modernism label (DM034, ltd. ed. of 200 copies only), along with a Bandcamp digital release comprised of 9 tracks. This CD version adds four more tracks of Italo Disco-Synth bliss with 'LECTRIC WORKERS Dub Rework of "Leave Me Alone", ITALOCONNECTION's remixes of "Freedom Time" and "On And On (Fears Keep On)", and a previously unreleased tribute rework of "Walking In The Neon" by no other than FLEMMING DALUM!

Limited edition of 300 copies, 4pp Digipak, 13 tracks. Mastering by Paolo Gozzetti. Artwork by Steve Lippert.

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No. Track Time
1 Atelier Folie - No Rhyme No Reason (Italoconnection Rework) --
2 Atelier Folie - Walking In The Neon (Italoconnection Rework) --
3 Expansives - Life With You (Italoconnection Rework) --
4 Fred Ventura - The Years (Go By) (Rago & Farina Rework) --
5 Atelier Folie - Leave Me Alone (Italoconnection Remix) --
6 Atelier Folie - Freedom Time (Original Club Mix) --
7 Decadance - On And On (Fears Keep On) (Italoconnection Mix) --
8 Italoconnection - Unbelievable feat. Francesco Rago (Video Edit) --
9 'Lectric Workers - Borealis (Original Mix) --
10 Atelier Folie - Leave Me Alone ('Lectric Workers Dub Rework) --
11 Atelier Folie - Freedom Time (Italoconnection Remix) --
12 Decadance - On And On (Italoconnection Slo-fi Mix) --
13 Flemming Dalum - Walking In The Neon (Tribute Rework) --

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