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7 Rainbows in Exile - Twilight Gymnastics (CD)

7 Rainbows in Exile - Twilight Gymnastics (CD)


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Released on: 04. February 2022

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7893595414641 - Weight: 80g

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Style: gothic / post-punk

In 6-panel Digifile, limited to 200 copies worldwide!

The Darkwave/Post-Punk/Goth-rock project from Serbia in its own words: "Isolation is tempting and isolation unveils. Self-exposed I revisited my post-punk demons and laid the foundation of what will be known as 7 Rainbows in Exile. In a spiritual condition reaching nearly sceptic I came out with material rooted in 80s darkwave.”

Most of the album was recorded in the first half of 2020 during the spring lock-down and the strict curfew introduced in Serbia months before the rest of Europe, so it comes naturally that these circumstances had a significant impact on the album's overall sound. I like how humanly imperfect this album resonates, at moments fragile and mild then suddenly seductive and dark, in places spacious, luminous and wide then unbalancedly raw, frantic and mad with each of these inconsistencies, making it a very spontaneous and honest record, an actual document of hard and challenging times. "


No. Track Time
1 To the Heart of the Storm 03:03
2 Green Moon 05:54
3 Wonderland 04:43
4 A Cold Cell 04:58
5 Ode to Beauty 05:57
6 Demon with the Boys Eyes 04:21
7 What Dreams Are Made For 05:33
8 The Last Beacon 01:02

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