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Rational Youth - Cold War Night Life 1981-1984 (5x 12" Vinyl)

Rational Youth - Cold War Night Life 1981-1984 (5x 12\" Vinyl)


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Released on: 19. September 2014

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By the mid-summer of 2011, YUL Records boss Marc Demouy tracked Kevin down and became the catalyst in reuniting the original Cold War Night Life trio. The Cold War Night Life trio re-worked Rational Youth’s first 12” single “I Want To See The Light” and “Coboloid Race” in time for it’s 30th anniversary, and added the extra surprise of adding alternate mixes from the 1981 sessions which were recently uncovered.

Coincidentally, almost 30 years later to the day that Rational Youth were touring across Canada, Kevin Komoda found two Rational Youth live cassettes as well as a box full of Rational Youth negatives and other memorabilia. The initial idea was to release these shows on cassette only as a limited edition collector’s item, but the news of these live tapes quickly spread and sparked a renewed interest in Rational Youth. What was supposed be, and still is, a limited edition cassette release soon transformed itself into a 5 LP set with rarities.

Tracklisting LP1: "COLD WAR NIGHT LIFE"

No. Track Time
A1 Close To Nature 04:40
A2 Beware The Fly 04:05
A3 Saturdays In Silesia 04:14
A4 Just A Sound In The Night 05:07
B1 Le Meilleur Des Mondes 03:14
B2 Ring The Bells 05:13
B3 City of Night 04:03
B4 Dancing On The Berlin Wall 04:34

Tracklisting LP2: "YUL RECORDS 1981-1983"

No. Track Time
C1 I Want To See The Light 04:23
C2 Coboloid Race 05:21
C3 Cite Phosphore 04:11
C4 Le Meilleur Des Mondes (7" version) 03:30
C5 City Of Night (Danse Mix) 07:31
D1 Saturdays In Silesia (7" remix) 04:10
D2 City Of Night (Original 1982 mix, unreleased) 04:12
D3 Power Zone 03:40
D4 Saturdays In Silesia (12" Extended Mix) 07:18
D5 Dancing On The Berlin Wall (Illegal Rams Horn Remix) 05:40
D6 Pile ou face 02:37

Tracklisting LP3: "DEMOS, OBSCURE, LIVE AND RARE 1981-1983"

No. Track Time
E1 Bill Vorn (1981 Cinema V show intro) 00:57
E2 Saturdays In Silesia (1981 demo) 04:29
E3 Just A Sound In The Night (1981 demo) 05:52
E4 Dancing On The Berlin Wall (1981 demo version 03:18
E5 Tracy Howe & Kevin Komoda Affection Theme 03:28
E6 Bill Vorn Arcade 02:08
E7 Kevin Komoda Lakeshore Drive 04:02
F1 City Of Night (7" unreleased radio mono mix) 03:55
F2 In Your Eyes 1983 demo mix 1) 02:52
F3 Holiday In Bangkok (1983 demo mix) 05:36
F4 Intro / Le Meilleur Des Mondes (Ottawa Live 1983) 02:47
F5 In Your Eyes (Ottawa Live 1983) 02:50
F6 City of Night (Ottawa Live 1983) 06:27
F7 Bill Vorn Outro (CInema V Show Intro) 0 01:03

Tracklisting LP4: "LIVE IN WINNIPEG 1983"

No. Track Time
G1 Nothing Left To Say 03:00
G2 Just A Sound In The Night 04:35
G3 I Want To see The Light 05:22
G4 Beware The Fly 03:55
G5 Ring The Bells 05:05
G6 Before The Flood 03:42
G7 Man In Grey 03:24
H1 Dancing On The Berlin Wall 04:03
H2 Holiday In Bangkok 05:55
H3 Saturdays In Silesia 04:53
H4 Pile Ou Face 03:51
H5 Latin Lovers 05:31
H6 Close To Nature 04:06

Tracklisting LP5: "THE CAPITOL YEARS 1983/84"

No. Track Time
I1 In Your Eyes 02:51
I2 Just A Sound In The Night (1983) 03:49
I3 Latin Lovers 04:03
I4 Holiday In Bangkok 05:30
I5 The Man In Grey 03:22
I6 In Your Eyes (Extended) 05:19
J Hot Streets 03:02
J2 I've Got A Sister In The Navy (1984 Alternate Mix) 03:41
J3 No More No Less (Unreleased Extended Paul Northfield Mix) 06:25
J4 Freeze (LP version) 04:59
J5 Heredity (LP version) 04:15
J6 Close To Nature (1984 unreleased ESP Mix) 04:16

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