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Root4 - Walk My Way (CD)

Root4 - Walk My Way (CD)

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Released on: 09/01/2017

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The one-of-a-kind band ROOT4 takes a unique electric sound, spices it with guitar and EBM elements, and underlines its unforgettable stage appearances with live instruments. The band’s live acts clearly differ from their studio recordings, something very few bands in this genre are able to do. Since 2014, founder, singer, and songwriter Hauke and the band have been active in the electropop scene as well as the dark electro scene. Hauke experimented and wrote lyrics tirelessly to lay the foundation for ROOT4. After creating various rough drafts of songs in the past few years, Hauke and music producer Chris, who joined the band last year, finally hit the studio in late 2016. Hauke unites his socio-critical, authentic, and mysterious lyrics about current issues with an unusual sound. With his song «Follow me», Hauke questions the self-appointed leaders and gurus who, thanks to the social media, are gathering indiscriminate followers that do not challenge their messages to the world. The album "Walk my way" was recorded partially with live lines in order to emphasize the authenticity of the band and its lyrics.

After three tours in Europe, where ROOT4 supported bands like «Stoneman», «Combichrist», «De/Vision», and «Ost+Front», the new album leaves nothing to be desired. In the live shows, the band was applauded just as loudly as the headliners. ROOT4 have conquered the hearts and ears of their audiences, and this fall, they will be touring as co-headliner with the Canadian band «Decoded Feedback» and find out how it feels to be the main attraction.


No. Track Time
1 Stay on target --
2 Come to the other side --
3 Follow me --
4 Strassen --
5 Drugs are my master --
6 Urteil --
7 Missverständnis --
8 Komm in mein Versteck --
9 Arschlicht --
10 Zum Leben erwacht --
11 Follow me (Akustikversion) --

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