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The Shallow Graves - Breathing Prayers And Echoes Of Goodbyes / Limited Edition (CD)

The Shallow Graves - Breathing Prayers And Echoes Of Goodbyes / Limited Edition (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 31.03.2017

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Style: Darkwave/Gothic. Limited and numbered edition of 500 copies!

THE SHALLOW GRAVES founded by singer Julian Aust (ex-Velinas) and guitarist Christian Ross-Bach (ex-Madre Del Vizio, ex-Chassalla, Moribund Thirteen A.D….) are back! The German Gothic Wave Duo released a well received Demo in 2006 and a debut in 2013 (4 years after its completion and intended release) followed by a three song promo Teaser in 2015.

Labeled inheritors of the nineties UK Goth sound by the press, they are featured on several compilations (Pagan Love Songs Vol.II, Darkness Before Dawn Vol.I, This is Gothic Rock Vol. III…) and contributed 2 tracks to the soundtrack of the US Horrorthriller „From a Place of Darkness“ (2008).

Their new album „Breathing Prayers and Echoes of Goodbyes“ sheds the computerized electronic elements of its predecessor and features nine powerful songs of life, loss, love and betrayal. The noticeably matured sound is shaped by the interplay of the pensive baritones of Austs somber and emotional voice and the interwoven haunted melancholy melodies spun by Rossbachs guitar play, underlaid by an energetic foundation of pumping basslines and driving yet danceable drum- beats. They sound slightly darker nowadays while delivering deeper catchy songs that demand the listeners’ perception and open depths to immerse ourselves in.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Light Blinds 04:08
2 Given Out Of Hand 04:28
3 Feasting On Echoes Of Goodbye 06:16
4 Shadows Begone 04:12
5 Soil 04:24
6 Chained By Fear 02:36
7 The Cage 03:24
8 Drawn Blades And Such 03:54
9 Dirt And Dust 06:54

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