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a-ha - Then And Again: The Ultimate a-ha (2CD)

a-ha - Then And Again: The Ultimate a-ha (2CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 18.03.2016

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Tracklisting CD1:

Nr. Track Zeit
1 Take On Me --
2 The Sun Always Shines On TV --
3 Hunting High and Low --
4 I've Been Losing You --
5 Cry Wolf --
6 Manhattan Skyline --
7 The Living Daylights --
8 Stay On These Roads --
9 You Are The One --
10 Crying In The Rain --
11 Move to Memphis --
12 Dark Is The Night For All --
13 Summer Moved On --
14 Forever Not Yours --
15 Lifelines --
16 Celice --
17 Analogue --
18 Foot of the Mountain --
19 Under the Makeup --

Tracklisting CD2:

Nr. Track Zeit
1 Take On Me (Kygo Remix) --
2 The Sun Always Shines on TV (Future Funk Squad's 'Radiant 4K') --
3 Cry Wolf (Jellybean Mix) --
4 Touchy! (House Mix) --
5 You Are The One (Dub Mix Edit) --
6 Blood That Moves The Body (Three - Time Gun Mix) --
7 Summer Moved On (Remix) --
8 Minor Earth Major Sky (Black Dog Mix) --
9 Velvet (New York Mix) --
10 Lifelines (Boogieman Remix) --
11 Did Anyone Approach You (Reamped) --
12 Celice (Mauracher Remix) --
13 Analogue (CG's Electrosphere Edit) --
14 Cozy Prisons (Aural Float Remix) --
15 Nothing Is Keeping You Here (Steve Osborne Remix) --
16 Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) (Steve Osborne Version) --

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  A »
    A Blue Ocean Dream
    A Life Divided
    A Pale Moon
    A Projection
    A Rainy Day In Bergen
    A Spell Inside
    A Wake A Week
    A.M. Samurai
    Aaron Sutcliffe
    Abandoned Place
    Aborted At Line 6
    Absolute Body Control
    Absurd Minds
    Access To Arasaka
    Access Zero
    Acid Horse
    Ad Inferna
    Adam Is A Girl
    Adam Tristar
    Adam X
    Adrian H And The Wounds
    Adrian Zaar
    Advocatus Diaboli
    Aegri Somnia
    Aeon Sable
    Aesthetic Perfection
    After The Rain
    Aga Wilk
    Age Of Heaven
    Agent Side Grinder
    Aghast Manor
    Agonised By Love
    Ah Cama-Sotz
    Aidan Casserly
    Aimless Device
    Aircrash Bureau
    Alex Braun
    Alice in Videoland
    Alien Hand Syndrome
    Alien Produkt
    Alien Skin
    Alien Vampires
    Alison Moyet
    Alison Wait
    Alkemic Generator
    All For One
    All Hallows Eve
    All My Faith Lost
    All The Ashes
    Alma Mater
    Almond, Marc
    Alpha Conspiracy
    Alter der Ruine
    Alternative 4
    Am Tierpark
    Amandas Nadel
    Amber Teaser
    AmeshA SpentA
    Among The Weeds
    An Erotic End Of Times
    Analogue Audio Association
    And Also The Trees
    And One
    And We Were Shadows
    Andersson, Peter
    Andreas Gross
    Andy Bell
    Angel's Arcana
    Angie Damage
    Angina P.
    Anima Virus
    Anna Aliena
    Anna Lux
    Anne Clark
    Anneke Van Giersbergen
    Any Second
    Anything Box
    Apoptygma Berzerk
    Apparat Organ Quartet
    Arch, The
    Arctic Sunrise
    Area 24
    Argyle Park
    Ari Mason
    Arian 1
    Armageddon Dildos
    Army Of The Universe
    Arome Artificiel
    Arsine Tibé
    Art Noir
    Art of Noise
    Arts Of Erebus
    Arzt & Pfusch
    Ash Code
    Ashbury Heights
    Assemblage 23
    Asseptic Room
    Astari Nite
    Asylum Party
    At Home
    Atari Teenage Riot
    Atiq & EnK
    Atomic Neon
    Atrium Carceri
    Attention System
    Attic Base
    Audio Buddha
    Audio War
    Aura Noctis
    Austerity Complex
    Autumn Angels
    Autumn Tears
    Autumn, Emilie
    Avarice In Audio
    Aviador Dro
    Avoid Kharma
    Awakening, The
    Axel Samano
    Azar Swan
    Azoic, The
    Azure Blue
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