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TREASURE TROVE: The Devil And The Universe - Benedicere / Limited Box Edition (CD + DVD) [single copy]

TREASURE TROVE: The Devil And The Universe - Benedicere / Limited Box Edition (CD + DVD) [single copy]

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Released on: 29. June 2018

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Limited edition of 100 copies! The Box contains: Regular CD, Exclusive DVD, Black Bag, Postcard & a Holy Host

BENEDICERE - a conceptional work about the Virgin Mary and the occult side of Christianity - and of the bestselling albums for Rustblade – will finally made available again. To make this re-release something special, the label will also release 2 special edtions including the first ever visual live DVD document of a goat show, filmed and recorded at a ‘BENEDICERE’ show in Berlin in 2016.

In the spring of 2015, upon an invitation by ‘Rustblade’, THE DEVIL AND THE UNIVERSE participated in a remix project, orchestrated by the legendary Italian composer Claudio Simonetti (of renowned ‘Goblin’). This project has harvested a longer-term co-operation and resulted in the ‘Benedicere’ album.

The ever-evolving and design-oriented Viennese project has a toolbox filled with musical and imagery equipment as provided by all things occult and religious iconography. These influences are arranged in a modern and original way, the new interpretation a pre-conception-free reflection of musical genres including Ritual Ambient, New and Minimal Wave. Director and film-score composer John Carpenter (Halloween) describes their vivid music: “I really like it. It’s original and evocative.”

The protagonists of The Devil And The Universe, Ashley Dayour, Stefan Elsbacher and David Pfister, call their music “Goat-Wave”. Reminiscent of the pagan icon, the goat-headed Baphomet, the medieval and mystical figure has served as the band’s avatar since the release of its first album. The goat-head is also occasionally worn by members of the band during live performances so as to break free of clichés and appear gender-neutral.

In the court of content, Christian mysticism (especially the mysteries surrounding the Virgin Mary) plays a decisive role on this, the third long-play offering of The Devil And The Universe. To capture the essence of the musical content, the band travelled to the most visited pilgrimage site in the world: Lourdes, France, as well as to the Spanish Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey and the Vatican in Rome. With their first two Albums :IMPRINT DAATH: (2013) and HAUNTED SUMMER (2014), the focus was psychedelic music steeped in a magical and spiritual aesthetic…

On ‘Benedicere’ they are passionately immersed with a sincere affinity in the world of Catholic-Christian thought.kdfòldkfdlfkdfòlk

Tracklisting CD:

No. Track Time
1 Ascension --
2 Dei Genetrix --
3 Immaculata --
4 Hail! Mary --
5 Ora Pro Nobis Deum --
6 Elousa --
7 Mater Dolorosa --
8 Nikopoia --
9 Road To Damascus --

Tracklisting DVD:

No. Track Time
1 Hail! Mary --
2 Osculum Infame II --
3 Ora Pro Nobis Deum --
4 Stygian --
5 Nikopoia --
6 It is our Will --
7 Danaus Plaxippus --
8 Iblis --
9 Dei Genterix --
10 Immaculata --
11 Nod --
12 Haunted Summer --
13 What Time is Love? --
14 Ascension --

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