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Uncreated - feat. Mark Hockings (Mesh) & Xenturion Prime - Hand Grenade / Limited Edition (EP CD)

Uncreated - feat. Mark Hockings (Mesh) & Xenturion Prime - Hand Grenade / Limited Edition (EP CD)


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Released on: 28. May 2021

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CRCD UN 04 - Weight: 100g

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With "Hand Grenade", Uncreated will release a limited CD EP, which contains two singles!

The single "Hand Grenade" is an incredibly energetic song on which Uncreated is supported by none other than Mark Hockings, the singer of Mesh. The track is included in different versions on the CD EP. Among other things, there is also a Mesh remix with "Hand Grenade (Detonate Remix by Richard Silverthorn)". The song was also mixed by Head-Less and is also included in a wonderful "Hand Grenade (Extended Remix)" on the release.

The single "Rebuild The Future" is a cooperation between Uncreated and Xenturion Prime. This song also exudes a lot of energy and once again underlines the timeless and fascinating sounds of mastermind Patrik Hansson. Xenturion Prime's vocals also give this track a very special atmosphere. In addition to the original version of "Rebuild The Future", there is also a "Rebuild The Future (Extended Remix)" and a "Rebuild The Future (Neonox Remix)" on the CD.

The release is rounded off with the bonus songs "Synchronised" and the previously unreleased "Nothing For You". Both songs are sung by Uncreated mastermind Patrik Hansson himself.


No. Track Time
1 Hand Grenade (Feat. Mark Hockings) --
2 Rebuild The Future (Feat. Xenturion Prime) --
3 Synchronized (Feat. Xenturion Prime) --
4 Nothing For You --
5 Hand Grenade (Detonate Remix by Richard Silverthorn) --
6 Rebuild The Future (Neonox Remix) --
7 Hand Grenade (Head-Less Mix) --
8 Rebuild The Future (Extended Remix) --
9 Hand Grenade (Extended Remix) --

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