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Unisonlab - Electrometric (CD)

Unisonlab - Electrometric (CD)


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Released on: 04/13/2018

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The cooperation between Razgrom Music and Swedish 'Maschine Pop' label PLONK continues! The next event in the line of joint releases (after DATAPOP and MASCHINE BRENNT) is the debut album of UNISONLAB.

Behind UNISONLAB is Jorgen Erixon. He started out as a classical pianist but has always had a great interest in synthesizers and electronic music. UNISONLAB actually started out as a blog mainly focusing on embracing the simple joy of listening to inspiring music, experimenting with sound, messing around with musical gear and performing a rather free-form kind of electronic music. However, encouraged by a couple of fellow electronica enthusiasts, he recently decided to finally try to put together a few complete tracks rather than just noodling by himself. UNISONLAB takes a lot of inspiration from bands like KRAFTWERK and NEW ORDER but does not fear to experiment with elements from other genres as long as results are pleasing and inspiring. UNISONLAB uses a mix of vintage synthesizers, robo-vocoders, cheap sound generating tools and a heap of guitar stomp boxes - and it’s no surprise that with such a sound conception, UNISONLAB quickly became an important part of the PLONK 'Maschine Pop' community.

After a number of digital EP’s on PLONK, it is now time for the first full-length release and CD on Razgrom Music. 'Electrometric' contains the best tracks and remixes of UNISONLAB since 2014 and they have all been digitally remastered by Joacim Thenander (MASCHINE BRENNT).

Limited edition of only 500 handnumbered copies!


No. Track Time
1 Elements --
2 League of Machines --
3 Funkfrequenz --
4 Television --
5 Apparatus --
6 Stereolab --
7 Electro Life --
8 Interaktion --
9 The One You Seek --
10 Silent Control --
11 Automatic Pop Composer - Unisonlab DS-10 Mix --
12 Electro Life - Maschine Brennt Remix --
13 Elements - Unisonlab Rob Oto Mix --
14 League of Machines - Kevin Lux Remix --
15 The One You Seek - Maschine Brennt Remix --

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