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Unisonlab - Random Access (CD)

Unisonlab - Random Access (CD)


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Released on: 15. July 2022

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RAZ 064 - Weight: 100g

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More than four years the Swedish musician Jorgen Erixon worked on the second album of his solo UNISONLAB music project and now he can be completely satisfied with achieved result: “Random Access” is a very mature, technically perfect and impeccably conceptual record in such a conservative genre as "mechanized and vocoded" machine-pop. The name UNISONLAB should already be well known to all fans of Plonk and Razgrom Music labels releases, because the debut album "Electrometric" was very warmly received by the public, moreover, due to constant involvement in the "We Are Machine Pop" compilation series, this project can be called one of the undisputed leaders of machine-pop and a worthy successor of ideas of “Great KRAFTWERK Era”. So all fans of authentic minimal electro and vintage synth sound should be on the lookout! In addition, the "Random Access" release is highly recommended to all fans of projects like METROLAND, DATAPOP, REAKTON, DEUTSCHE BANK, MASCHINE BRENNT, KRAFTMAN, KOSMONAUTE, etc.

Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies!


No. Track Time
1 Prologue --
2 Bit Bucket --
3 Be Right Back Reboot --
4 Single Box Frame --
5 22nd Century --
6 Page In Page Out --
7 Inside My Computer --
8 The Call --
9 Pascal_s Wager --
10 Automation Of The Nation --
11 Wall Time --
12 Epilogue --
13 Page In Page Out (Modulation Remix) --
14 Approximate (Maschine Brennt Remix) --
15 Ton Auf Ton (Unisonlab Lebhaft Mix) --
16 Project Echo (Old Demo Version) --

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