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Unity One - Awakening (CD)

Unity One - Awakening (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 01.06.2018

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Unity One is a powerful futurepop/synthpop project formed by Mike-E (Russia) and Rush (Moldova) who have diverse musical backgrounds but both share ultimate love for such bands as VNV Nation, Neuroticfish and Colony 5. With Mike-E providing the music/programming and Rush doing the vocals, the band released a single for the track "Infrared" which spent several weeks in the Top 10 of the Deutsche Alternative Charts. In 2016, they released another highly acclaimed single, "Tomorrow". Now, after successful festival appearances including Resistanz (UK), Children of the night (UA) and Synthetic Snow (RU), as well as concerts supporting Covenant, Assemblage 23, SITD, and Solar Fake, the duo is ready to present their highly anticipated album "Awakening".

"Awakening" is not another debut album from an aspiring newcomer, but a solid, mature work, both production- and soundwise, that is destined to become one of the biggest highlights of 2018. Drawing inspiration from synthpop, EBM, futurepop and modern club music, Unity One have managed to create their own vision of danceable euphoric electro music that makes them really stand out in the already crowded dark scene. A combination of ultra melodic synth lines, pulsing electro beats and strong voice with meaningful lyrics presented on this album is sure to win the hearts of fans and fill the floors around the world.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 The Unity --
2 Join the Light --
3 Infrared --
4 Today --
5 Leave Me Confined --
6 Tomorrow --
7 Reflection --
8 Reality --
9 Timeless Dream --
10 Bring the Storm --
11 Awakening --
12 Reality (Reprise) --

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Bewertungen (1)

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