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Valhall - Grim/More (CD)

Valhall - Grim/More (CD)


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Released on: 02/08/2019

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"Absolutely breathtaking and hypnotic." -Brutal Resonance

Valhall returns one year after the highly praised ‘Grimoire’-album with a special remix edition.

Almost exactly one year after Valhall stunned with their second record Grimoire, the Swedish duo returns with GRIM/MORE, a remixed version that takes each track from the original and revisits it in all its dark and magick glory. GRIM/MORE is an exciting journey, with track-by- track remixes by the likes of Artoffact Records recording artists Seeming, Ritualz and Glass Apple Bonzai, along with friends Xenturion Prime, SØLVE, Michael Idehall and more!

The album recreates the haunting and ritualistic aspects of Grimoire, while simultaneously expanding the genre pallette to include industrial, synthwave, and gothic sounds. Grim/More also features the all new, EXCLUSIVE track ‘Hivemind’


No. Track Time
1 Bonetrees [remixed by The Rain Within] --
2 Dead Waves [remixed by Dkryption] --
3 Lilies for Belial [remixed by Glass Apple Bonzai] --
4 Ormens Offer [remixed by Seeming] --
5 Grimoire [remixed by Ritualz] --
6 Ruins of Vanaland [remixed by Michael Idehall] --
7 The Hunt [remixed by SØLVE] --
8 Aeons unveiled [remixed by Xenturion Prime] --
9 Niðingrdans [remixed by Wychdoktor] --
10 Hivemind (exclusive track) --

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