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Vanguard - Spektrum (CD)

Vanguard - Spektrum (CD)


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Released on: 22. July 2022

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„Vanguard" is back with their unique catchy and danceable electropop sound. Hard beats mixed with melodic elements and strong melodies combined on one all new studio album. „Spectrum" is a must for fans that love electronic music with a dark nordic soul.

The new album features nine new songs including the hit singles „Move Out“ and „Ragnarök“ which already entered various alternative charts and playlists all around the globe! Furthermore Vanguard can be seen live around Europe within 2022 presenting „Spectrum“ and all their previous musical work to their fans and future fans. A massive new album and surely one of our highlights in 2022.


No. Track Time
1 Open Sky --
2 Defeated --
3 Move Out --
4 Unreachable --
5 Ragnarök --
6 Inside --
7 No Return --
8 Enemy Inside --
9 When I Am Gone --

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