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Various Artists - Cyberworld XX - Danish Electro Compilation (CD)

Various Artists - Cyberworld XX - Danish Electro Compilation (CD)


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Released on: 30. November 2012

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1992 saw the release of CYBERWORLD, the first compilation of Danish electronic music from the underground. It heralded a new era in Danish music, an electronic revolution. Several very talented bands made their appearance who had a huge impact, not only on the Danish scene but also internationally. Thus CYBERWORLD is still regarded as a milestone in the Danish underground today.

Now, twenty years later, we are celebrating not only the anniversary of CYBERWORLD, but also two decades of evolution for the Danish electronic music scene. Joined together on this release are a handful of veterans from the first CYBERWORLD, bands that emerged the intervening years as well as upcoming bands, ready to shape the future of the scene.

This compilation features both new tracks and remixes, some of which were created exclusively for this release. The material showcases the high level of quality the Danish electronic scene produces, often in collaboration with other artists from all over the world, as the electronic underground thrives on symbiotic relationships that transcend geographical boundaries.

Featuring exclusive remixes and new tracks from among others Leæther Strip, Birmingham 6, Psychopomps, Parzival, Neotek, Lights of Euphoria, Arzt+Pfusch as well as the first new tracks in more than 16 years from Max M and In Absentia, CYBERWORLD XX is a must have collectors item. Limited to 500 copies.


No. Track Time
1 Xenofobulus - No Horizon (Feat. Sean Barret of Dedicated Hardware) ** 04:15
2 Monospore - Control - (Cyberworld Remix) * 04:41
3 MachineSoldier - ACT.A. ** 04:19
4 Leæther Strip - Power Trip (Cyberworld Version) * 04:44
5 Birmingham 6 -The Kill (In Deeper Waters) *** 04:37
6 In Absentia - Sound Zero [Cybersonic Mix] * 04:23
7 Arzt+Pfusch - Landslider Interrupted [Nifle Mix] * 04:48
8 Norad - Fortitude ** 04:18
9 Parzival - Orbis Tertius (Gaddafi Remix) *** 04:03
10 Max M - Længes Efter Storm ** 04:57
11 Altarian Project - Pain ** 04:32
12 Memmaker - København Robotic Youth 04:32
13 Bionic Bitch – Sinners ** 03:54
14 Neotek - Right Or Wrong **** 04:07
15 Neonsol – Manipulation ** 03:34
16 Lights of Euphoria - Give Me You (Imperial League Mix) 03:41
17 Psychopomps - Drunk City XX (Exclusive New Version) **** 05:00
18 Zetmech - May God Have Mercy On Your Soul ** 03:10

* Exclusive mix ** Previously unreleased track *** Previously unreleased mix **** Previously unreleased new version


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