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Various Artists - The Electricity Club (2CD)

Various Artists - The Electricity Club (2CD)


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Released on: 01/11/2019

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This 2CD is EXCLUSIVELY available as physical release – no download, no streaming!

Genre: Synthpop, Electronic, Synth Britannia

After the amazing ‘Electronically Yours’ from 2009, here comes an absolutely incredible follow-up, that features 34 partly EXCLUSIVE tracks and mixes by some of the world greatest Electro-acts around!

THE ELECTRICITY CLUB compilation is released as a 34 track 2CD set in a deluxe 6 panel digipak and slipcase with an insert featuring a track-by-track commentary.

The Compilation was compiled by long-loving and highly influential British Online Blog The Electricity Club’

Founded on 15th March 2010, The Electricity Club aims to feature the best in new and classic electronic pop music. It doesn’t promote bands or support scenes, it just writes about the music it likes, and occasionally some music it doesn’t like… With informed opinion and trivia, The Electricity Club embraces synthpop, ie pop music that uses synthesizers, while aiming to avoid lazy terms such as analogue, 80s and contemporary.

This compilation is the culmination of a period which has seen the resurgence of the genre. Little did THE ELECTRICITY CLUB know when it launched in 2010, it would go on to interview many of the key players in Synth Britannia, get granted an audience with two former members of KRAFTWERK and be influential in helping some of the best new synthesizer talents gain a profile within a reinvigorated scene. So it is highly apt that WOLFGANG FLÜR should make an appearance on this collection.

In partnership with Amour/Undo Records, The Electricity Club is pleased to showcase its ethos in the form of this tangible audio artefact. Among the impressive cast, there are prime movers from the classic era like PAUL HUMPHREYS and VINCE CLARKE. Without the influence of the bands they respectively co- founded, OMD and DEPECHE MODE, electronic pop as THE ELECTRICITY CLUB likes it would not exist.

Meanwhile the next generation are represented by acts such as KID MOXIE, NIGHT CLUB, RODNEY CROMWELL and VILE ELECTRODES. Incidentally, the latter were invited to support OMD on their 2013 German tour following ANDY McCLUSKEY’s discovery of the duo while perusing THE ELECTRICITY CLUB’s virtual pages. The bloodline from ‘Radio-Activity’ to ‘Romance of the Telescope’ and then to ‘Deep Red’ is easily traceable and deeply omnipresent.

THE ELECTRICITY CLUB has always relished its diverse taste credentials. It doesn’t do retro or contemporary, just good music. No other compendium could dare to include the spiky post- punk of GIRL ONE & THE GREASE GUNS and the rousing electro-rock of MESH alongside pop princesses such as QUEEN OF HEARTS or KATY PERRY. Be it Glasgow’s ANALOG ANGEL and MARNIE, Manchester veterans SECTION 25 or Essex boys TENEK, it all fits into THE ELECTRICITY CLUB ’s avant pop playground.

With international representation also from Gothenburg’s DAYBEHAVIOR and 047, Shanghai synthpoppers QUIETER THAN SPIDERS, Texan dance duo ELEVEN: ELEVEN, Brussels’ own passengers METROLAND and the self-explanatory KEEP SHELLEY IN ATHENS, the tracks gathered capture a special moment in time where innovative musical aspirations and good tunes have again manifested themselves in the same context.

The collection features a number of exclusives including MESH’s cover of YAZOO’s ‘Tuesday’ or MARSHEAUX’s reinterpretation of TEARS FOR FEARS’ first single ‘Suffer the Children’; both are officially released for the first time. In addition, tracks such as MARSHEAUX’s stomping remix of KATY PERRY’s ‘Hot ‘N’ Cold’ and MIRRORS’ ‘Between Four Walls’ make their premiere in CD format.

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 MAISON VAGUE - Synthpop’s Alive --
2 KID KASIO - Full Moon Blue --
3 ELECTRONIC CIRCUS - Roundabout --
4 DAYBEHAVIOR - It’s a Game (Marsheaux remix) --
5 MARNIE - The Hunter --
6 ELEVEN:ELEVEN - Through The Veil --
7 NIGHT CLUB - Cruel Devotion --
8 QUEEN OF HEARTS - United --
9 KATY PERRY - Hot ‘N’ Cold (Marsheaux remix) --
10 ERASURE - Be The One (Paul Humphreys remix) --
11 KID MOXIE - The Bailor --
12 KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS - Oostende --
13 FOTONOVELA featuring JAMES NEW - Our Sorrow (Original mix) --
14 GIRL ONE & THE GREASE GUNS - Jessica 6 --
15 AUTOMATIC WRITING - Continuous --
16 METROLAND - Thalys (London Edit) --
17 RODNEY CROMWELL - Black Dog --

Tracklisting CD2:

No. Track Time
1 SIN COS TAN - Trust --
2 POLLY SCATTERGOOD - Other Too Endless (Vince Clarke remix) --
3 TENEK - What Do You Want? (Alternate TEC version) --
4 ANALOG ANGEL - We won't walk away --
5 ARTHUR & MARTHA - Autovia --
6 MARSHEAUX - Suffer The Children --
7 SECTION 25 - My Outrage --
8 047 featuring LISA PEDERSEN - Everything’s Fine --
9 TAXX - Is it Love? --
10 LIEBE - I believe in You --
11 QUIETER THAN SPIDERS - Shanghai Metro --
12 iEUROPEAN featuring WOLFGANG FLÜR - Activity of Sound --
13 TWINS NATALIA - Destiny --
14 MESH - Tuesday --
15 MIRRORS - Between Four Walls --
16 OMD - Time Burns (Fotonovela Rework) --
17 VILE ELECTRODES - Deep Red --

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