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Various Artists - Forms of Hands 20 - 20th Edition / Limited Edition (CD)

Various Artists - Forms of Hands 20 - 20th Edition / Limited Edition (CD)


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Released on: 24. September 2021

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NOTE: This is completely different to ‘Forms of Hands 20 – 20th Anniversary’, released in August 2020!

In Hands Paper Pack, limited and numbered edition of 1'000.

2021 sees the celebration of the proud 20th edition of FORMS OF HANDS, the annual HANDS label festival since 2000. The oldest running annual industrial compilation series continues again with the impressive catalogue number HANDS D300, which stands for the 300th CD on HANDS.

Two decades are certainly a milestone for every festival, especially as due to the pandemic the 20th edition of FORMS OF HANDS was the most difficult to carry out. Join 14 artists for another outstanding edition of this unique compilation series – 14 all exclusive tracks by the performing artists – nine of which could be re-booked from the cancelled last year’s festival edition, with five alternatives stepping in for this year. The main themes are rhythm’n’noise in various configurations by WINTERKÄLTE, MONO NO AWARE, GREYHOUND, MASCHINENKRIEGER KR52, HYSTERESIS, STROBO.LOLITA and 1979 and industrial techno tunes by MONOLITH, NULLVEKTOR, ICD-10 and CERVELLO ELETTRONICO. Diversity is guaranteed through a quirky remix by HEIMSTATT YIPOTASH, a glorious noise anthem by MS GENTUR and a total disregard for genres by 16PAD NOISE TERRORIST.

This album is valid proof that creativity is alive and blooming, and beyond the uncertainty and gloom of the pandemic life will continue and labels and festivals are able to survive with the support of their fans. Celebrate and cheerish this 20th edition of FORMS OF HANDS!!!


No. Track Time
1 1979 - Hope --
2 ICD-10 - Hidden Vortex --
3 HYSTERESIS - Pfaos --
5 HEIMSTATT YIPTOASH - Recoil (Retaliation) --
6 MONO NO AWARE - Follow Me --
7 MONOLITH – Poison --
8 STROBO.LOLITA - Unheil --
10 CERVELLO ELETTRONICO - Cannibal (Survival Mix) --
11 MS GENTUR – Denial --
12 GREYHOUND - Vanished Years --
13 NULLVEKTOR - Narrenschiff (Nach der Stunde) --
14 WINTERKÄLTE - Protect Ecosystems (Act now) --

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