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Various Artists - Intelligent Electro Romantics (2CD)

Various Artists - Intelligent Electro Romantics (2CD)


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Released on: 04. July 2014

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Small labels are still around! A good example is the German based label !NTELLIGENT COMMUNICATIONS. On the brand new release !NTELLIGENT ELECTRO ROMANTICS they compiled 22 exclusive-tracks in a double CD package of electronic ballades from all the label’s projects reflecting the history of over 20 years of releasing electronic music with meaning and essence. Many of the label's projects contributed with entirely new tracks as well as previously unreleased material. Although in the context of electronic down tempo ballades there’s some up tempo tracks like Dark Distant Spaces’ song “King And Queen” and a very danceable track of Neues Kombinat “All About U” added to the content. Mother Motor contributed with two exclusive tracks “Love Machines” and “Reading You” while NF Brooks with the ingenious voice of Allyne Eral added the previously unreleased “Cold World” to this release. Codename Sugar presents 4 entirely new tracks as well as some re-worked material. But there’s more to this double feature since also some of the classic tracks that spread !NTELLIGENT’s reputation over the German borders are up here in re-edited versions, e.g. All For One’s “The Receiver” or Dark Distant Spaces’ “Bound For You” (in a fantastic big classical mix!).

This is a piece of electro and synth pop history that needs to be added not only to a collector’s shelve...

Tracklisting - CD 1:

No. Track Time
1 Dark Distant Spaces - bound for you (classic edit) 04:21
2 AFO All For One - the receiver (v2.0) 04:07
3 Neues Kombinat - immer noch (bigger edit) 04:17
4 Mother Motor - love machines 05:33
5 Dark Distant Spaces - lonely (new edit) 03:54
6 Codename Sugar - my life (electric edit) 05:19
7 Dark Distant Spaces - the dream (v2.0) 04:37
8 Dark Distant Spaces - time stood still 04:59
9 Codename Sugar - changed (v2.0) 04:56
10 Codename Sugar - no-one but you 04:58
11 Codename Sugar - without me 06:02

Tracklisting - CD 2:

No. Track Time
1 NF Brooks - cold world (feat. Allyne Eral) 05:03
2 Dark Distant Spaces - losing you (v2.0) 05:31
3 Das Kombinat - traum (bloxx mix) 05:19
4 Dark Distant Spaces - king and queen 04:04
5 Codename Sugar - only for you (modular edit) 05:45
6 Neues Kombinat - all about you 05:02
7 Codename Sugar - find me (re-drummed) 05:24
8 Dark Distant Spaces - when I’m gone (v2.0) 04:26
9 Mother Motor - reading you 05:02
10 Codename Sugar - you were here 04:22
11 Codename Sugar - not the end 04:58

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