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Various Artists - Rewind to the 80s - Germany (CD)

Various Artists - Rewind to the 80s - Germany (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 11.11.2016

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Ein Tribut an die Musik der 80er aus Deutschland, ein Mix aus Synth Pop, Disco, Mainstream und Untergrund, großen Hits und obskuren Tracks. Mit nie zuvor auf CD veröffentlichten Tracks!

80s Electropop! Amazingly well compiled 80s compilation of German Electropop! Germany is one of those countries, which's music has been making a huge impact on the rest of the World for last few centuries. In the 1970s the electronic music scene in Germany has been revolutionized by Kraftwerk and since their first appearance nothing remained the same anymore. Germany became one of the World leaders of electronic music, deli-vering fresh, innovative and catchy productions, at every genre, on every field, at any time. In the early 80s the Neue Deutsche Welle was strongly competing with Great Britain's New Romantic, giving the World such great acts as Alphaville, Peter Schilling, Nena, Hubert Kah, Joachim Witt and many more.

This compilation is tribute to German 80s music and it delivers a mixture of synth pop and disco, mainstream and underground, well known (Alphaville, Moskwa TV, Axodry, Peter Schilling, Rheingold...) and obscure, unique collector's gems and floor fillers, with a few tracks being released on CD for the first time in music history. In the booklet, next to front sleeve reproductions, you will find a few interesting sentences about each track in German and English! HIGHLY recommended!!!


Nr. Track Zeit
1 MIKE MAREEN - Germany (12" version) 05:44
2 ALPHAVILLE - Jerusalem (Palace version) 06:17
3 PASO DOBLE - Computerliebe (special Disco version) 07:24
4 ANOUSCHKA RENZI - Robot Love (12" version) 06:43
5 MOSKWA TV - The Art of Fashion (D.J. mix) 05:37
6 LES MONTES - Dreams of Rio (12" version) 06:24
7 CELEBRATE THE NUN - Will you be there (12" version) 05:29
8 AXODRY - Surrender (12" Version) 06:03
9 RHEINGOLD - Dreiklangs-Dimensionen (12" version) 05:54
10 SHAMALL - Feeling like a Stranger (12" version) 08:04
11 PETER SCHILLING - Major Tom (12" version) 05:00
12 ZARA-THUSTRA - Magic Nights (12" version) 08:32

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