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Velvet Kills - Bodhi Labyrinth / Limited Edition (12" Vinyl)

Velvet Kills - Bodhi Labyrinth / Limited Edition (12\" Vinyl)


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Released on: 03/20/2020

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Collaboration release between Icy Cold, Manic Depression and Unknown Pleasures!

Second album by the Lisbon based duo, in which he dominates the synthesizers and electric guitar and she the voice and electric bass. Their sound is based between Gothic, electro punk and Kitsch synth….

Awakening the labyrinth of our minds to be freed from hate, greed and ego this album brings us to the reality of our actual society. The messages come coded in sarcasm, euphemism, hyperbole and irony where the two dig into the files of a lonely civilisation and question the purpose of life vs government structures, where we "Cash and Move" and where love is forgotten. Inside the “Noise” of the apocalyptic war a “Hangover Calling” to the universe to rise humans to a higher state of positive vibration. “The Key” is Love.


No. Track Time
A1 Bitch Face --
A2 Cash and Move --
A3 In the Gold Mine --
B1 Noise --
B2 The Key --
B3 Hangover calling --

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