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The Violen[t] Vocation[s] - Overdosed ... Brain(Damage) (2CD-R)

The Violen[t] Vocation[s] - Overdosed ... Brain(Damage) (2CD-R)


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Released on: 08/01/2014

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Inspired by the cult bands such as "Skinny Puppy" or "Frontline Assembly" was the project ± The Violen(t) Vocation(s) ± .

They remain faithful to their pretension on theirs now fifth album , a unique sound to develop that still can not deny his influences and thus own to the sound Cosmos of electro accents. This philosophy manifests itself in much attention to detail and sense of atmosphere, a classic and timeless look that give the typical sound of the project. Reconnect danceable rhythms with catchy melodies, without sacrificing a certain cool aggression.

Unconditionally the synthesizer be whipped to new horizons. Thematically the album "Brain Damage … Overdosed" the prevailing drug is devoted to problems in the party scene and its impact on the user. Cleverly placed, short vocals, loosen up the arrangements and subtly adjust on the topic, without too much "connect to the tracks". The focus is always the music. Numerous guest musicians are caught up on board again for the remixpart of the album . Much new, but well known/proven is there in the dark world of the ± Violen(t) Vocation(s) ± for discover to the Electrofreak.

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Delerium I --
2 Chemical Fallout --
3 What The Hell Are You ? --
4 Poisen(ed) --
5 Deaf(com) --
6 From The Dark Sky --
7 Brain(Damage) (V2) --
8 SiDizer --
9 Out(Back) --
10 Revenge --
11 Overdose --
12 Brain(Damage) (Delerium-Mix by Vycos) --
13 Silence --
14 Delerium II --

Tracklisting CD2: "Brain(Damage) - Remixes"

No. Track Time
1 Brain[Damage] (Remix by Programyst) --
2 Brain[Damage] (How many Pills Remix by Dreamwash) --
3 Brain[Damage] (Pakrac s AcidPills Remix) --
4 Brain[Damage] (Remix by Hybr1d 3rr0r) --
5 Brain[Damage] (Remix by The Broken Silence) --
6 Brain[Damage] (Remix by Catastrophe sonore) --
7 Alive (Video-Edit) [Bonustrack] --
8 Revenge (Pakrac s Pain Remix) --
9 Revenge (BrainDubEnd) [Bonustrack] --

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