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Virgins O.R Pigeons - Gotta Get Mad / Limited Edition (2CD)

Virgins O.R Pigeons - Gotta Get Mad / Limited Edition (2CD)


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Released on: 11/22/2013

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How strong can VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS' manifesto be after several years of deadly silence? Literally rising from their ashes, VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS reveal today a totally revamped sound approach, not being afraid to create something totally new on the side-line of the industrial / EBM genre. New drummer Miyuki's influence is clearly seen, giving the album that special "live" and dynamic feel. The meticulous attention placed in the production of this album is also a mega plus with Pierrot's experienced ears giving lots of space to experimentation while keeping the band's alternative attitude intact.

We discover more complex rhythm patterns, evolving sounds and a clear focus on the vocal parts giving the album diversity and uniformity at the same time. VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS call out loud for freedom, change and spiritual revolution on the angry "Gotta get mad", the punchy "Time to die", the exploding and depressive club single "Bleed to lead" or yet the groovy and bitter "Enemy Ghost".

While the band will clearly attract fans of bands like :WUMPSCUT:, PROJECT PITCHFORK, COMBICHRIST, etc. with their harshest angry songs, they also consistently have that characteristic solid pop structure in their songs with catchy melodic synth-lines and versatile energetic vocals which can also please the more DEPECHE MODE-oriented fanbase.

Fierce, open-minded, bitter and sweet, VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS offer you a high-energy dark industrial sound with strong colorful pop melodies and provocative powerful vocals on what is bound to become a classic album in its genre… Let them drive you insane: perfection always requires a good dose of madness...

This limited deluxe carton box comes with special artwork by Japanese Sheerheart artist Tomoki Hayasaki as well as the "Mad Remixes" bonus disc on which the band contacted artists from different backgrounds and scenes for a fully extravagant collection of remix styles: EDM, drum'n bass, ambient, soundtrack, pop rock, industrial, hardtrance and much more! Featured remixers include SANTA HATES YOU, PSY'AVIAH,JUNKSISTA, IMPLANT, AESTHETISCHE, DIFFUZION, BLACK DOGO (project of their former keyboardist Steph), CHRISTIAN CAMBAS, UNIVERSAL TRILOGY, CENTHRON as well as talented winners of the recently organized remix contest.

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Gotta Get Mad --
2 Time To Die --
3 Enemy Ghost --
4 Done With You --
5 Full Of Nothing --
6 Versus Christus --
7 Bleed To Lead (I Give Up) --
8 Bordello --
9 Born In Sin --
10 In My Head --
11 Bio Psycho Social --

Tracklisting CD2: "the mad remixes"

No. Track Time
1 Bleed to lead (UNIVERSAL TRILOGY remix) --
2 Time to die (AESTHETISCHE remix) --
3 Bleed to lead (Ax no matic remix by AXIOMATIQUE) --
4 In my head (PSY'AVIAH remix) --
5 Born in sin (TOSHIHIRO remix) --
6 In my head (BLACKDOGO remix) --
7 Time to die (NEUROBASH remix) --
8 Bleed to lead (HIDE AND SEQUENCE remix) --
9 Born in sin (CENTHRON remix) --
10 Born in sin (TANZKONSOL remix) --
11 Bleed to lead (CHRISTIAN CAMBAS remix) --
12 Born in sin (IMPLANT remix) --
13 Enemy ghost (DIFFUZION remix) --
14 Born in sin (SANTA HATES YOU remix) --
15 Bleed to lead (JUNKSISTA remix) --
16 Born in sin (THE DEAD FOR A WHILE remix) --

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