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Viscera Drip - Demo(n)s (CD)

Viscera Drip - Demo(n)s (CD)


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Released on: 08/18/2017

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After 2 successful albums „Abattoir” and „Perpetual Adversity” and before releasing totally new material USA based one-man project is back for now with retrospective compilation of the band`s past decade of existing.

Let the band speaks:"Demo(n)s is a collection of songs from Viscera Drip remastered specially for this release and features many new and unheard tracks as well as old and new remixes. It is with great pleasure to finally have these songs get the proper release they deserve, and to deliver them into the hands of our fans."


No. Track Time
1 Darkness, tell us --
2 Demons --
3 Dead girls don't tell --
4 No paradise --
5 Fucked and killed --
6 Pig --
7 Lovekiller --
8 Piquerist --
9 Nothing left to feel (2014 mix) --
10 Kissed by death (lucidstatic skullfuck mix) --
11 Sex addiction (worms of the earth remix) --
12 Dead girls dont tell (sarcophagic remix) --
13 No paradise (ironhand remix) --
14 Who controls you --
15 Sexualized violence --
16 The message --

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