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Visionatica - Enigma Fire (CD)

Visionatica - Enigma Fire (CD)


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Released on: 07/12/2019

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Symphonic Metal

VISIONATICA formed in 2013 and began to flesh out ideas for their approach to the symphonic metal sound.

The group envisioned a sophisticated concept with the result that their debut album, ‘Force Of Luna’, was an extremely melodic yet powerful record full of energy in which skilfully arranged orchestral sections merged perfectly with virtuoso guitars, driving drums and the soprano voice of their classically trained vocalist. Its first single, ‘She Wolf’, and equally powerful songs such as ‘Certainty Of Benevolence’ and the emotional duet ‘The Thorns’ (featuring Winterstorm singer Michael Liewald) announced their arrival on the scene in truly grand style.

With their new album, ‘Enigma Fire’, the group are fully intent on taking things to the next level. Be prepared for bombastic orchestral arrangements paired with stunning fretwork and new musical influences that will take listeners on a sonic journey they will want to experience over and over again.


No. Track Time
1 Amari Sudbina Kali (Intro) --
2 The Pharaoh --
3 Fear --
4 Roxana, The Great --
5 Dance Of Fire --
6 To The Fallen Roma --
7 Incomplete --
8 Secrets Of The Ancestors --
9 Rise From The Ashes --

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