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The Voice In Fashion - The Moment Of Truth Re-Loaded (2CD)

The Voice In Fashion - The Moment Of Truth Re-Loaded (2CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 26.07.2013

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The famed group that brought you ONLY IN THE NIGHT, GIVE ME YOUR LOVE and YOU WILL SMILE AGAIN; is back with a brand new album called THE MOMENT OF TRUTH Re-Loaded!!!!

A mix of old style Freestyle, Euro Pop and Electronic dance tunes. You will hear songs of sin, redemption and of course love…. Something for everyone!!! Plus 10 brand new remixes !!!!

Initially released in September 2012 without remixes, The Moment of Truth has gained rave reviews from fans and press all over the world. The new Voice record has also gained a steady growth of Internet radio fans.

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH is the culmination of recent work done by the group and features collaborations with former producer Lewis Martinee (Expose, Pet Shop Boys etc.) as well as Peter Marr (London Exchange) and Fro Sosa (Nuclear Valdez). The album features 11 new compositions as well as interpretations of David Bowie’s The Man Who Sold the World and the Pet Shop Boys’ Domino Dancing, which The Voice had collaborated with in the original version. Enter THE MOMENT OF TRUTH Re-Loaded!!!

Tracklisting CD1:

Nr. Track Zeit
1 The Man Who Sold The World --
2 In The Heat of the Moment --
3 I Catch Myself --
4 Round Your Finger --
5 Moment of Truth --
6 Partner In Crime --
7 Dance of Love --
8 Gates of Heaven --
9 Perfect Lie --
10 Redeem Yourself --
11 Keep Away From The Heat --
12 Domino Dancing --
13 Bonus Track: Keep Away From The Miami Heat --

Tracklisting CD2:

Nr. Track Zeit
1 The Man Who Sold The World (Remixed by The Copan Brothas: Brazil) --
2 Lewis Martinee vs The Voice In Fashion: In the Heat of The Moment (Remixed by Lewis Martinee) --
3 Lewis Martinee vs The Voice In Fashion: I Catch Myself (Remixed by Lewis Martinee) --
4 Round Your Finger (Remixed by Velocity Lab: Miami) --
5 Moment of Truth (Remixed by WANT/ED: Russia) --
6 Partner In Crime (Remixed by DJ BAC & DJ Riva Lima: Brazil) --
7 Partner In Crime (Remixed by Dark Phenomenon: Russia) --
8 Redeem Yourself (Remixed by Jorge Ojeda: Miami) --
9 Redeem Yourself (Remixed by Tour De Force: Italy) --
10 Domino Dancing (Remixed by The Copan Brothas: Brazil) --

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    Tabor Radosti
    Tactical Module
    Talk Talk
    Tangerine Dream
    Tango Mangalore
    Tanks And Tears
    Tanz ohne Musik
    Tearful Moon
    Tears for Fears
    Tech Nomader
    Techniques Berlin
    Ten After Dawn
    Tension Control
    Terminal Choice
    Terminal State
    Terrabeats Concept
    TET - Travailleur En Trance
    The Arch
    The Autumn Sighs
    The B.H.D
    The Black Capes
    The Blood of Others
    The Breath Of Life
    The Cascades
    The Cemetary Girlz
    The Chant
    The Cold
    The Colder Sea
    The Crosslines
    The Cure
    The Dark Clan
    The Dark Red Seed
    The Devil And The Universe
    The Doctors
    The Evasion On Stake
    The Faint
    The Firm Incorporated
    The Force Dimension
    The Glen & Joe Show
    The Glove
    The Godfathers
    The History Of Colour TV
    The Horrors
    The Insight
    The Killers
    The Last Cry
    The Legends
    The Livelong June
    The Lonely Soul Experience
    The Moon And The Nightspirit
    The Opposer Divine
    The Overlookers
    The Phone
    The Psychic Force
    The Pulsar
    The Radio Dept.
    The Rain Within
    The Search
    The Secnd
    The Sexorcist
    The Shade
    The Shallow Graves
    The Shapes
    The Spoiled
    The Stompcrash
    The Stricken
    The Tear Garden
    The Tough Alliance
    The Toy Shop
    The Twilight Garden
    The Twilight Sad
    The Twins
    The Vacant Lots
    The Voice In Fashion
    The Volt
    The Wars
    The Weyers
    The xx
    The [law-rah] Collective
    Theatre Of Tragedy
    Thee Flanders
    Thee Hyphen
    Third Realm
    Thirteenth Exile
    This Drowning Man
    This Morn' omina
    This Void Inside
    Thompson Twins
    Thought Criminals
    Throbbing Gristle
    Tides From Nebula
    Tilliander, Andreas
    Time To Change
    Tiny Boys
    Tom Wax
    Tommi Stumpff
    Tonal Y Nagual
    Too Dead To Die
    Too Late For Tears
    Tor Lundvall
    Total Pain Kollapz
    Totem Obscura
    Touching The Void
    Toxic Coma
    Trade Secrets
    Tragic Black
    Tragic Impulse
    Trains On Fire
    Tranquil Eyes
    Transcendent 7
    Transit Poetry
    Transparent Illusion
    Trauma Patient
    Trek With Quintronic
    Trench Run
    Trisomie 21
    Tristesse De La Lune
    Trobar de Morte
    Tunes Of Dawn
    Turnbull A.C’s
    Twenty Knives
    Twice A Man
    Twilight Ritual
    Twin Tribes
    Twins Natalia
    Twitch The Ripper
    Two Witches
    Tycho Brahe
    Tying Tiffany
    Type O Negative
    Tyske Ludder
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