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Waiting For Words - Pain (EP CD-R)

Waiting For Words - Pain (EP CD-R)


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Veröffentlicht: 12.10.2012

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Direktimport aus Frankreich.

Foundry Records is pleased to announce the release of the new single of the french act WAITING FOR WORDS : Pain is the 4th single taken from the worldwide critically acclaimed album "Follow The Signs"

"PAIN" is also the 3rd video directed by Raphael Duvernay. Shot in New-York last spring when the band was touring for the first time in the US, this video is a perfect follow up to the previous hit "Miles Away"

All versions on the EP are different from the album version, including a newly recorded version of "Follow My Voice", featuring long time friend and collaborator of the band : People Theatre. Soe is also appearing on vocals in this 2012 Arrow Version. The EP also features for the first time the original soundtrack composed by the band for the Short movie "La Passagère"

The CD-R, limited edition is compiled with "Follow My Voice EP", that includes electro club versions of Miles Away & Out Of Control. The CD-R is signed by the band.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Pain (Raph's NY Experience Video Edit) --
2 Follow My Voice (2012 Arrow Version featuring People Theatre") --
3 La Passagère (Extended Heaven & Hell Mix) --
4 Please (Extended Version) --
5 Out Of Control (Melanoboy Remix) --
6 Miles Away (Club Version by Melanoboy) --
7 Pain (ZeN's 80's Extended Version) --
8 Follow My Voice (Album Version) --

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