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Welle:Erdball - Film, Funk und Fernsehen (3CD)

Welle:Erdball - Film, Funk und Fernsehen (3CD)


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Released on: 07. October 2022

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Hello, this is Welle: Erdball!

Long since advanced from an insider tip to a cult formation, Welle: Erdball broadcast their masterpiece on the airwaves with the show "Film, Funk & Fernsehen"... and that on all frequencies: Where other bands already speak of an album at eight tracks, here you can look forward to over 2 hours of music and more than 30 (!!!) titles!

The album title says it all: The power of the media. And it is almost all-encompassing; with a theme that no longer stops at pandemics, gender and global thermonuclear war and is reflected in German lyrics, but also in songs in English, Russian and even Swedish. With such a scope, the attention is also on some cover versions, because when David Bowie's "Space Oddity" with female voices accompanied by 6 voices of the Commodore C=64 sounds from the speakers, you feel in the right position when great things happen. Also included: A complete radio play CD with many guest stars, details see below!

To this year's anniversary of the C=64, which was presented to the world in January 1982, Welle: Erdball has dedicated another complete CD, on which the C=64 with sound & speech is the only instrument.

The new album of Welle: Erdball "Film, Funk & Fernsehen" is the milestone that nobody will ever get past. It is the original!

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Welle Erdball --
2 Drogenexzess im Musikexpress --
3 Das Original --
4 Das Tor zur Wirklichkeit (Cmdr. Laserstrahl) --
5 Liebe gegen Leistung --
6 Dr. Mabuse --
7 Mumien im Autokino (Tax-5) --
8 Wendy, Walter & die Geschlechtsmaschine --
9 Ich habe in eine Zukunft gesehen --
10 Tote Frauen kommen leise --
11 Die Unsichtbaren --
12 Diamanter (är en flickas bästa vän) --
13 Mama, Papa, Zombie --
14 Der letzte Mensch --
15 Re-Animierung --
16 Am Ende der Zeit --

Tracklisting CD2:

No. Track Time
1 Welle Erdball (C=64) --
2 Wir sind elektronisch! (C=64) --
3 Space Oddity (C=64²) --
4 Das letzte Hemd (Cmdr. Laserstrahl) (C=64²) --
5 8BIT-Raumstation (Cmdr. Laserstrahl) (C=64) --
6 Das Atomboot (C=64) --
7 Nur in meinem Traum (C=64) --
8 Nerdfaktor42 (C=64) --
9 Liebelei im Diskolicht (C=64) --
10 Die Wahrheit (C=64) --
11 Film, Funk & Fernsehen (C=64) --
12 Die 4,5 Min. des Ruhmes (C=64) --
13 Die Spätfolgen im Autokino (C=64) --
14 D3r Tan2 d3s c0zmo5 (C=64) --


No. Track Time
1 Das Hörspiel: Nick Semloh - Folge 2: "Die Geistermönche aus dem Grusellabor" mit Alexx Wesselsky (EISBRECHER), Ronan Harris (VNV NATION), Steve Naghavi (AND ONE) u.v.m.! --

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