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Welle:Erdball - Der Kalte Krieg / Limited 1st Edition (CD+DVD)

Welle:Erdball - Der Kalte Krieg / Limited 1st Edition (CD+DVD)


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Released on: 10/28/2011

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‘Der Kalte Krieg’ (Cold War) recalls Pershing 2, ’bogeyman’ image „Soviet Union“, SDI rocket war in space, double agents & spies, the Red Telephone and the push of a button - representing the deepest fear of all - which would have led to a nuclear war… In a recent interview, the former US minister of defense was asked about how close to the Third War the world actually was back then. His answer: “About 24 hours”!

Reviewing those forgotten times, one discovers the most substantial song lyrics of the last century. No ‘Let’s make a Party’, but ‘Ein bisschen Frieden’ (eng. ‘a little peace’) wins the Grand Prix D’Eurovision, while ìboygroupsì consist of three hippies thoughtfully singing about ‘Karl der Käfer’ (eng. ‘Karl the beetle’) in early 80s German TV shows. Most probably, we would all be nuclear ashes by now without them.

After fabricating the time machine with their last album/DVD ‘Operation: Zeitsturm’, the imaginary radio station now invites YOU to a test drive into the past… …and the time machine works!

Originally announced as an EP, this W:E release comes now as full-length album, and it’s first limited edition contains a full-length DVD as well! The CD features totally 9 cover-versions in typical W:E retro-future sound, two remakes of classic W:E songs (by Hertzinfarkt and The Girl & the Robot), two all new songs (Der Kalte Krieg + Deutsche Liebe), two short radio-plays and a TOP SECRET vintage track (hidden track)…

The DVD (strictly with the first edition ONLY) features the best of the best of past Welle: Erdball shows! A sort of much overdue live-compendium of more or less 45 minutes duration (no tracklist yet). DVD PAL, Region Code ‘0’

Tracklisting CD:

No. Track Time
1 Welle: Erdball (Hörspiel-Intro) --
2 James Bond-Thema --
3 Deutsche Liebe (C=64) --
4 Feuerwerk --
5 Eine Neue Zeit --
6 Amerika (Compact Phasing "A"merika - Remake by Hertzinfarkt) --
7 Kabinett --
8 If You want to sing out, sing out --
9 Vor all den Jahren --
10 Starfighter F-104S (The Girl & the Robot-Remix) --
11 Der Kalte Krieg (Beweg Dein Gehirn...JETZT!) --
12 Karl der Käfer (C=64) --
13 Hab ich dir heute schon gesagt, daß ich Dich liebe --
14 Ein bisschen Frieden --
15 Sendeschluss (Hörspiel-Austro) --

Tracklisting DVD:

No. Track
1 Tanzpalast 2000
2 Wir Wollen Keine Menschen Sein
3 Mensch Aus Glas
4 Nur Tote Frauen Sind Schön
5 Hoch Die Fahnen
6 Chaos Total
7 Das Souvenir
8 Der Telegraph
9 Bill Gates Komm Fick Mit Mir
10 Schweben, Fliegen Und Fallen
11 Alphatier
12 Starfighter F-104G
13 Telefonsex
14 Arbeit Adelt
15 Es Geht Voran
16 Wir Wollen Keine Menschen Sein
17 Ich Bin Aus Plastik
18 Ich Bin Nicht Von Dieser Welt
19 Arbeit Adelt
20 8Bit Märchenland
21 W.O.L.F.
22 Schweben, Fliegen Und Fallen
23 Poupee De Cire

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