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Welle:Erdball radio play - Die Abenteuer von Commander Laserstrahl (Staffel 1+2) (2CD)

Welle:Erdball radio play - Die Abenteuer von Commander Laserstrahl (Staffel 1+2) (2CD)


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Released on: 01/08/2010

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The german cult-electronic-band Welle:Erdball done a lot of things in the last 16 years. in the first line music and records of course, but  beside of this they released also a comic-book, a cinema-movie (in march 2010) and now this radio play as a 2 cd-box-set. Welle:Erdball are self big fans of radio plays and so they produced in 2006 a episode of "the adventures of commender lasterstrahl", which becomes (not planed) a big success. Than follows more episodes and in the end there was a cd with all from season 1. this album is sold out since a long time but there are still people asking for this cd-album.

Meanwhile Welle:Erdball produce a season 2  and here is the end of the story: the 2 cd-box-set with all episodes. Please note: NOT FOR CHILDREN! but full of the typical kind of zynism and sarkasm and this kind of punky-electro-feeling you know from Welle:Erdball... The story: commander laserstrahl from planet xeronia and the boarcomputer of his starship meets humans on earth and want to become a contact. but it's not so easy as it seems... In this 2 cd-box-set you find all episodes from season 1 and seaon 2. the radio play features also a bonus-section (cd-rom-track with outtakes ad a live-episode made by fas), a sticker and a comic in the booklet. total time of playing around 150 minutes.

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Der Anfang von Allem --
2 Der erste Kontakt --
3 Notrufcode: HÄRTA --
4 Die Begegnung mit der alkoholischen Art --
5 Computerprobleme --
6 Multikulti-Körpertransfer --
7 Allgemeine Verkehrskontrolle --
8 Die 4 gewinnt! --
9 Das Rotations-darfuaL --
10 Der Zauberer von "Wizard of Wor" (Teil 1) --
11 Der Zauberer von "Wizard of Wor" (Teil 2) --
12 CD-ROM Track --

Tracklisting CD2:

No. Track Time
1 Der Anfang von Allem --
2 Der Morgen-Apell --
3 Mehr Sein als Schein --
4 Die Freunde der URIN-Sekten --
5 H-24 (Schamanisches Gequassel) --
6 Die Weihnachts-Folge --
7 Mission: ROTLICHT --
8 Die Gehirnsuche --
9 Das letzte Hemd hat keine Taschen --
10 Radio: SAB - Die Telephonverarsche --
11 Ein neues Leben für 3 Minuten --

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