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Wintry - Timeline (CD)

Wintry - Timeline (CD)


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Released on: 02/21/2020

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This is a collaboration release of Wave with Young and Cold Records (USA: Cleopatra).

Second album of the German/Brazilian duo, formed by Anne Goldacker (ex-Obsyre) and Alex Twin (3 Cold Men / Individual Industry). After the 7” single produced by British producer and musician John Fryer (4AD records, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance…), Wintry´s sound on the new album moves between 80s early 4AD style, mixing it with wave and gothic influences. ‘Timeline’ features 10 songs, including the tracks from the 7”, but in ALL NEW versions!

Wintry´s new songs mix 80s-like Xmal Deutschland and Clan of Xymox with the sound of more modern darkwave and post-punk artists. “Timeline” features 7 tracks with German lyrics, 1 instrumental and 2 in English. The physical edition also contains 4 bonus track, featuring Pieter Nooten (founding member of Clan of Xymox) and Marcelo Gallo (Brazilian producer/Pitch Yarn of Matter). Wonderful artwork by Brazilian designer Hernan Czauski.


No. Track Time
1 Ausweg --
2 Kalter Herbst --
3 Sehnsucht --
4 Dependence --
5 Schmerz --
6 Ich glaub Dir nicht --
7 Dunkelheit --
8 Timeline --
9 Into the Light --
10 Auch ohne Dich --
11 Bonus: Schmerz (Remix by Marcelo Gallo) --
12 Bonus: Ich glaub Dir nicht (Remix by Marcelo Gallo) --
13 Bonus: Sehnsucht (Remix by Pieter Nooten) --
14 Bonus: Sehnsucht (Ambient Remix by Pieter Nooten) --

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