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Wulfband - Wulfband / Limited Edition (3" MCD)

Wulfband - Wulfband / Limited Edition (3\" MCD)


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Released on: 07/17/2015

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Wulfband is back. Wulfband presents three brand new tracks that follows up the very successful debutalbum that came last year. This new CD-single, originally conceived for a German Festival appearance of the band, is straight forward and hard hitting. Like a dancefloor hammer simply just banging with unlimited force. This Swedish duo has really gone from nothing to being on everyones lips last year.

This release is presented in a very limited 3" disc format. Worldwide limited to 500 copies. A collectors item for sure!!! THE release within the EBM scene this summer!


No. Track Time
1 Allergie --
2 Eiszeitgeist --
3 Konflikt --

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    Waiting For Words
    Warren Suicide
    Wasserkraft Manifest
    Wave In Head
    Waves Under Water
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    We Got This Far
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    White Lies
    White Pulp
    White Rose Transmission
    Wideband Network
    Winter Severity Index
    Wired Brain
    Within Temptation
    Wolfgang Flür
    Wonders Of Nature
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