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Xenturion Prime - Prisma (CD)

Xenturion Prime - Prisma (CD)


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Released on: 10. June 2022

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Swedish/Norwegian duo Xenturion Prime (Bjorn Marius Borg and Hasse Mattsson) is, without doubt, one of THE top-prio releases to come from Progress Productions in 2022. This duo, who recently won “Synth-album of the year (2021)” at Swedens alternative Grammy awards (Manifest) for their last album "Signals from the Abyss", returns with their greatest album so far!
"Prisma" really pushes the term Synthwave a big step into the future. The band's epic soundscapes, danceable beats and killer production really makes Xenturion Prime stand out in the electronic music scene! Each track on "Prisma" is a potential single, and they have not left ANYTHING "half made".

The first two singles from the album "Embers" and "Distant Voices" have both been received with love from the entire scene. What makes Xenturion Prime so unique is that they don't stand still. One track can be emotional and calm, then the next one will turn ANY dancefloor on fire. The only thing you can be 100% sure of is that it´s PURE QUALITY. Be sure that this album will be on A LOT of "Best of 2022" - lists when we come to the end of the year. Without a doubt one of the strongest albums to be released on Progress since the label’s start in 2004.

A must for EVERYONE that listens to electronic music and an instant classic!


No. Track Time
1 Premonition --
2 Embers --
3 Memory Lanes --
4 Moving on --
5 Distant Voices (feat. Karin My) --
6 Renegade --
7 Close to Home --
8 Pathfinder --
9 Starburst --
10 Shades of Light --
11 Last Dance --

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