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Zero A.D. - Consistency (CD)

Zero A.D. - Consistency (CD)


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Released on: 17. December 2021

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Genre: Electronic, Style: Synthpop, Darkwave

ZERO A.D. are an Italian duo, able to delight all fans of best electro school. Having left the original dark wave and gothic style from their early material (around year 2000), the project elaborated since into an electronically perfect electro-act of a more evolved futurepop / EBM imprint.

The new album "Consistency" represents an important milestone in the band's path, because all the distinctive elements that distinguish their previous material are concentrated and enriched on this new opus. The 14 songs are made with extreme care and own a particular sonic magic, thanks to the wonderful compositional synergy between the two protagonists, who always manage to create a highly fascinating sound and compelling vocal atmospheres, based on 80's reminiscences but often combined with sonorities of acts such as VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzek or Covenant. Danceable midtempo rhythms, skilful orchestrations of synths and enchanting vocals result in an extremely pleasant and irresistible sound.


No. Track Time
1 Only A Dream --
2 Be My Eyes (album version) --
3 Without The Happy Ending --
4 A New End --
5 No Choice --
6 Magma – The Night It Began --
7 To Catch You (Only A Dream pt. 2) --
8 Your War --
9 Towards The Line --
10 Line --
11 Stronger Than Anything (rework) --
12 Voice Of The Dream --
13 Can You Hear Me? (Only A Dream pt. 3) --
14 All We Want To Remember --

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