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Zeromancer - The Death Of Romance (CD)

Zeromancer - The Death Of Romance (CD)

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Released on: 02/26/2010

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Many years after the legendary album "Razorblade Romance" from HIM, now ZEROMANCER put out an album which simply takes one’s breath away. So full of beauty, so full of melancholy and yet so full of unbridled rock power. With "Sinners International", the lads from the north proved that they had once more recaptured the essence of their own debut. Radiant, vibrant and beguiling. Shimmering, fascinating and mysterious. ‘The Death of Romance’ rises out of the darkness like the aurora borealis. Back to the beginning and yet at the same time forward-looking. Dark romantic ballads with stunning hooklines in the form of driving, modern industrial rock. ZEROMANCER are a new and perfect unity of sex, emotion and energy. Rock music is finally once again that which it always should have been. Unaffected and impressive, for girls and boys. The one, with a tear in the eye, is full of yearning; the other goes crazy for the pounding drums and loud electric guitars. Never has one needed to be so little embarrassed about his/her feelings as with this powerful-romantic rock album.

"The Death of Romance" is a flawless construction of sweat-inducing industrial rock and a large dollop of emotion.


No. Track Time
1 V 2.6.25 --
2 Industrypeople --
3 The Hate Alphabet --
4 The Death of Romance --
5 The Pygmalion Effect --
6 Murder Sound --
7 Revengefuck --
8 Virgin Ring --
9 The Plinth --
10 Mint --

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