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Zeromancer - Orchestra Of Knives [+9 bonus] / Limited 'Art Edition' (2x 12" Vinyl)

Zeromancer - Orchestra Of Knives [+9 bonus] / Limited \'Art Edition\' (2x 12\" Vinyl)


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Released on: 12. August 2022

Immediately available

4260063947452 - Weight: 500g

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  • Multicoloured vinyl
  • Black, red and white in the form of rotating rays
  • Each record individually made by hand
  • Differences in pattern shapes and colours are therefore possible
  • Every copy is unique
  • 2x180g 12” vinyl
  • In total 9 bonus tracks off the EPs ‘Damned Le Monde’, ‘Mourners’ and ‘Terminal Love’
  • Sumptuous gatefold sleeve
  • Printed inner sleeve and containing lyrics
  • Printed vinyl labels
  • Strictly limited to 300 copies only!!!

Elegantly electronic as ever, the new songs draw a remarkable strength from their monumental arrangements and foreboding aura. Embellished by a vague sense of nostalgia and enhanced by old family photos from the private Ljung vaults, “Orchestra Of Knives” is ZEROMANCER’s dark night of the soul, an odyssey trying to coming to terms with the ineffable fact that we’re all going to die. Instead of wallowing in misery and self-pity, however, the Norwegians chose to use this intense realization to craft some of their most touching, most heartfelt and easily most monumental songs ever.

The harsh and the mellow, the dark and the light, the depression and the elation all flow together on “Orchestra Of Knives”, an album worthy of the turmoil of our age. Once and for all, ZEROMANCER are the masters of electronic melancholy, the designers of a musical world nourished by the shadows we cast. It’s been too long since we felt understood and at ease merely by listening to a song.

Tracklisting LP1:

No. Track Time
A1 Testimonial --
A2 Damned le Monde --
A3 Transparency --
A4 Mourners --
A5 Birthday --
B1 Terminal love --
B2 Worth less than Deutsche Marks to me --
B3 Orchestra of knives --
B4 Stand on ceremony --
B5 San Zero --

Tracklisting LP2: Bonus

No. Track Time
C1 Mourners (Sebastian Komor remix) --
C2 Damned le Monde (Love + Revenge rework) --
C3 Terminal love (Architect remix) --
C4 Mourners (Rotersand rework) --
D1 Terminal love (L'Âme Immortelle remix) --
D2 Damned le Monde (This Eternal Decay remix) --
D3 Mourners (Electro Spectre remix) --
D4 Damned le Monde (Exfeind remix) --
D5 Terminal love (SnifferGod remix) --

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