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Zeromancer - It Sounds Like Love (But It Looks Like Sex) (EP CD)

Zeromancer - It Sounds Like Love (But It Looks Like Sex) (EP CD)


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Released on: 10/30/2009

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It’s a long time since good rock was so laden with emotion, so passionate and so erotic as that from ZEROMANCER, who with the utmost ease deliver dark, energetic hit one after another. In addition to several remixes of the title track, the EP finally contains the long-awaited DEPECHE MODE cover version ‘Photographic’, which has been one of ZEROMANCER’s biggest live hits. Also included is the collaboration with PIGFACE, ‘Mercenary’.

With their striking mixture of gothic rock and electro elements, ZEROMANCER remain sex and rock ‘n’ roll in its best form! A radiant, seductive light which powerfully rises from the mush of the musical landscape and once again makes rock music just as it once was. Passionate, loud, rebellious and wild without sacrificing any of the emotion.


No. Track Time
1 It Sounds Like Love (But It Looks Like Sex) --
2 Mercenary --
3 Photographic --
4 Sinners International (Snifferdog remix) --
5 It Sounds Like Love (Burt It Looks Like Sex) (Red 7 remix) --

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