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3Teeth - EndEx (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 22. September 2023

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In the post-pandemic desolation of Los Angeles, 3TEETH re-materialize as an enigmatic force of entropy, unveiling their most incisive revelation of technosocial disintegration ever: Endex.  Alexis Mincolla, the cryptic provocateur and his accomplices escalate their own sonic insurgency with the bewildering rupture of the vanguard single, „Merchant of the Void.“ Delving into the commodification of identity, hyper-consumerism, and the primacy of technology as drivers of ideology and human behavior, they lay bare the foundations of our disintegrating reality.

The ensuing sonic shockwaves reverberate through drone-guided offensives, such as the explosive „Slum Planet,“ „Higher Than Death,“ and a phantasmagoric reimagining of Tears for Fears‘ seminal „Everybody Wants to Rule the World.“ Endex epitomizes 3TEETH’s transmutation of industrial metal into a hyperstitional era, unleashing a memetic plague of esoteric theory-fiction.

3TEETH first manifested as early as 2013: a musical entity born out of Mincolla’s Downtown L.A. weekly gatherings known as “Lil’ Death” With Xavier Swafford (keys, synth), Chase Brawner (guitars) and Andrew Means (bass, synth) joining Mincolla, 3TEETH released their first self-titled album the following year. Alliances with the likes of TOOL and Rammstein resulted in the collective’s first live performances and a rise to further notoriety with the release of 2017’s album shutdown.exe. which took 3TEETH to global stages. Working alongside producer and mixer Sean Beavan (NIN) at new label home, Century Media, 3TEETH upped their own sonic arms race with Metawar (2019) and entered a new echelon of cultural consciousness with a collection of tracks including the biting “President X” and their haunting take on Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”.

Endex is the aural endgame of 3TEETH’s vision. Conceived and executed by the band amidst the upheaval of 2020 and ultimately completed in early 2023, it melds together a post-humanized spiritualism with a zeitgeist of psychic erosion. In 3TEETH’s AI-enhanced brave new world, the future isn’t now – it’s already happened. Endex is just a means of making sense of it all.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Xenogenesis --
2 Acme Death Machine --
3 Slum Planet --
4 What’s Left --
5 Merchant of the Void --
6 Higher Than Death --
7 ALI3N --
8 Plutonomicon --
9 Paralyze (feat. Ho99o9) --
10 Scorpion --
11 Drift --
12 Everybody Wants To Rule The World --

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