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Absurd Minds - Gravitas / Limited Edition (CD)

Absurd Minds - Gravitas / Limited Edition (CD)


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Released on: 24. November 2023

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With “Gravitas” Absurd Minds present their eighth studio album since ‘Deception’ (Sanner, 2000). On 11 new songs, the band repeatedly shows its versatility in songwriting. Besides powerful, fast, dynamic tracks, it is also the slower, ballad-like tones that unfold their pull and in which the band has been showing its strengths for years.

After gravity had primarily acquired a scientific meaning, it becomes a figurative weight with “Gravitas”. Thus, the album is to be understood as a call to face the adversities of our time, just like the old Roman virtue, to rest in oneself, to mentally take the heaviness out of everyday life and not to let oneself be permanently “fogged in” by the world “out there”. All of this, of course, with the proper amount of seriousness and dignity.

Absurd Minds are a German electro act, that looks back on 7 highly successful albums. They are respected in the electro-scene for their infectious dark electronics, often compared to mid-period Project Pitchfork (but a little more electronic) - for fans of ultra-catchy, ultra-melodic dance orientated songs with killer basslines, moody synthscapes and clear vocals.


No. Track Time
1 Atma --
2 A Million Miles --
3 Silicon Dreams --
4 Downfall --
5 Gravitas --
6 The Possibility --
7 Frozen in Fear --
8 The Moral Men --
9 No Restraint --
10 Long Before --
11 Built on Sand --

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