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Acylum - Zuchthaus / Limited Edition (2CD)

Acylum - Zuchthaus / Limited Edition (2CD)


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Released on: 19. April 2024

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The initial release of the album emerges as a limited 2CD digipak edition, featuring remixes by formidable bands including :WUMPSCUT:, SUPREME COURT, DIFFUZION, DARKNESS ON DEMAND, RROYCE, ALIEN:NATION and many more! The cacophony of darkness awaits.

The sulphurous German duo, Nadine and Pedro Engel, unleash their latest masterpiece – "Zuchthaus," a full-length album that embodies darkness in its rawest form. With the unapologetic rallying cry "Fight! Victory or Death," ACYLUM thrusts us back onto the merciless battlegrounds, where the echoes of war persist eternally. Humanity, it seems, remains blind to its own follies, perpetuating a cycle of chaos. ACYLUM's trademark confrontational stance immerses us in the unbearable ambiance of the Cold War, gulags, murders, massacres, betrayals, madness, and unrelenting misery.

This is undeniably ACYLUM's most sombre and despair-ridden album to date. The tone plunges to profound depths of tragedy, the beats resound with martial heaviness, the music emanates noir coldness, vocals are aggressively charged with emotion, and the atmosphere lingers in profound sadness. ACYLUM's potent and sinister sound seizes you, gripping your throat and suffocating you with its oppressive industrial noise sequences, fortified by bombastic orchestrations and sense-inflicting vocal sample manipulations. A mystical touch of Nordic mythology also looms ominously in the background.

Despite the darkness, ACYLUM's unique songwriting alchemy transforms these harsh electro-dark tunes into addictive melodic anthems from the underworld. Tracks like "Gabriel" and "1000 Meilen" introduce slower, melancholic moments, evoking the haunting sound of their TOTEM OBSCURA side-project.

Let the parade of fools commence...

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Oder Tod --
2 Gulag - Kalashnikov --
3 Bones --
4 Gabriel --
5 Gleichschaltung --
6 Mental Health --
7 Fleisch --
8 1000 Meilen --
9 Zuchthaus --
10 Tears Of Blood --
11 Havamal (feat. SKIRNISFÖR) --
12 Oder Tod (SUPREME COURT remix) --
13 Gulag - Kalashnikov (:WUMPSCUT: remix) --

Tracklisting CD2:

No. Track Time
1 Oder Tod (PROJECT ERRATIC remix) --
2 Mental Health (DIFFUZION remix) --
3 Mental Health (WINTERHART remix) --
4 Bones (RROYCE remix) --
5 Oder Tod (SAY JUST WORDS remix) --
6 Oder Tod (blood cut y HUMAN VAULT) --
7 Venom (ALIEN:NATION remix) --
8 Oder Tod (DARKNESS ON DEMAND remix) --
9 Oder Tod (DYSKOLIA remix) --
10 Tears of Blood (PROJECT ERRATIC remix) --
11 Bones (NEIKKA RPM remix) --
12 Oder Tod (DEADLY INJECTION remix) --
13 Mental Health (STUDIO-X remix) --

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