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AD:keY - Reanimator (CD)

AD:keY - Reanimator (CD)


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Released on: 03. November 2017

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This is a warning: the cult EBM-flagged spaceship “AD:keY” is back on planet Earth for their 5th studio assault. Their mission on this new 13-track album is perfectly summarized in its one-word title “Reanimator”: The Berlin-based AD:keY duo will reanimate our bodies and brains, blowing away the dust from our daily routines!

Musically, the duo stays faithful to its characteristic style while continuing widening its sonic spectrum and expanding its production skills and songwriting quality level. AD:keY stands for hi-energy positive EBM work made of stomping beats, muscled bass lines, addictive melodic electro sequences and clear powerful (mostly German) vocals. And the vocal duality of Andrea’s shouting leads and Rene’s clear backing vox which made AD:KEY stand out as unique and original on the “old school Electronic Body Music” scene, reaches here an amazing symbiosis giving all its force and strength to this stunning album.

“Reanimator” is a non-stop EBM pumping machine heading your way song after song with the same and constant hitting intensity force. The bass is loud and powerful, the beats are hard and hitting, the vocals are strong and dominant and the sampled vocal slogans are catchy and solid. Potential club hits are countless here! This album is a true masterpiece in its genre: you want EBM, you get EBM and the addiction will be so strong that you’ll never have enough of “Reanimator”…

Fans of the early work of EBM pioneers like NITZER EBB, FRONT 242 or yet DIE KRUPPS will love this record which holds a bit of all these elements with a minimal touch of modern positivity and so much more! AD:keY play EBM, live EBM, and we all celebrate EBM and enjoy life with them… Shameless-ly! Welcome “Reanimator” with open arms and start a new life… a new fight…


No. Track Time
1 Mein Weg --
2 Kurz und schmerzlos --
3 Ich reanimiere Dich --
4 Shameless --
5 Hater --
6 Never enough --
7 Von Neumann-Maschine --
8 Du bewegst dich nicht --
9 Lire entre les Lignes --
10 Wie Du --
11 Eskalation --
12 Science Fiction-Welt (feat. Robert Meyer) --
13 Reanimator --

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