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Aiboforcen - Between Noise & Silence / Limited Edition (2CD)

Aiboforcen - Between Noise & Silence / Limited Edition (2CD)


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Released on: 31. May 2024

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"Between Noise & Silence" comes in an extended double-CD digipak with a lush 16-page booklet, making it a collector's dream.

Prepare for a sonic journey as AIBOFORCEN, the iconic Belgian dark electro/future pop act, returns with their 7th studio album! Led by Benoit Blanchart and featuring the enigmatic Patrice Synthea (REGENERATOR), this album merges melancholic dark synth/EBM anthems with thrilling collaborations spanning an impressive 22 tracks!

Notable appearances include EBM/industrial legends like Patrick Codenys of FRONT 242, POUPPEE FABRIKK & IMPLANT (in a duet), and NUMB. The album also features outstanding female vocalists from the pop wave scene, such as Mari Kattman (HELIX), Noemi Aurora (HELALYN FLOWERS), Emke (BLACK NAIL CABARET), and SORROW STORIES. The band also highlights the splendid collaboration with Jan Dieckmann of NORDERNEY who sings on several songs and strongly contributes to crafting the album’s magic through moving lyrics, catchy dark pop melodies, and upbeat EBM sequences!

AIBOFORCEN strikes a perfect balance with echoes of VNV NATION, FRONT 242, COVENANT and FADERHEAD, delivering an unforgettable musical experience. The album seamlessly weaves between oppressive industrial assaults and catchy synth-pop tunes with an edge. Noteworthy is the poignant cover-version of DEATH IN JUNE’s “Break the Black Ice.”

Immerse yourself in the dark allure of AIBOFORCEN's latest creation, where noise meets silence. Experience a high-tension dark elektro masterpiece that transcends boundaries, showcasing solid and meticulous sound production maturity.

Tracklisting CD1:

No. Track Time
1 Dead End (feat. Mari Kattman) --
2 Executions --
3 Cycle Of Life --
4 Abstract Sense --
5 Between Noise & Silence (feat. Sorrow Stories) --
6 Break The Black Ice --
7 Attitude --
8 Heaven Knows (feat. Noemi Aurora) --
9 I’m Talking To You (feat. Black Nail Cabaret) --
10 River Of Dreams --
11 Everything --
12 New Eden --

Tracklisting CD2:

No. Track Time
1 How It Starts (feat. Sorrow Stories) --
2 Attitude (remix by Patrick Codenys of Front 242) --
3 We Fought The Demons In Our Mind (feat. Implant & Pouppée Fabrikk) --
4 Cycle Of Life (united) feat. Noemi Aurora --
5 Revolt --
6 Window To The Soul (feat. Numb) --
7 Executions (life before death) --
8 Is It So? --
9 Katarsis (blue mix) --
10 In My Arms (wave mix) (feat. Mari Kattman) --
11 Everything (acoustic) --

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