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Alien Produkt - Resurrection (CD)

Alien Produkt - Resurrection (CD)


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Released on: 08. June 2018

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Argentina based ALIEN PRODUKT is back with full new album since 10 years from their last album was released. Advoxya Records has been released 2 last EPs from this band, and after a huge silence became.

Now we are proud to release the band newest album „Resurrection”, material is keeping the main line of old Alien Produkt, so all fans who like previous stuff - will not disappear! You will get exactly what you are expecting from new album of the band. Let the band speaks:

There were times of joy ... times of sadness ... times of reflection ... times of suffering ... during all those years lived all such events have happened ... now a dream has been awakened from the ruins of oblivion. .. like the Phoenix from the ashes ... now it's just time for Resurrection !!!


No. Track Time
1 Elegy --
2 Electro Revolution --
3 Mix Of Imperfections --
4 Gerrero Interior --
5 Militant --
6 Produkt Of Human Error --
7 Resurrection --
8 Self Criticism --
9 Under Submission --
10 Virus --

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