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Alien Skin - Negative Plus (CD-R)

Alien Skin - Negative Plus (CD-R)


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Veröffentlicht: 24. März 2023

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ALSK2023 - Gewicht: 60g

Verkaufsrang: – [ Höchste Platzierung: 25 ]

As a maker of electronic pop music this is Year 40 Plus for me. The post punk eyeliner 80s were my vainglorious years of subculture youth, of Depeche Mode, Cabaret Voltaire, New Order. I also lived these years with the Australian synth/new wave band Real Life, the past 15 as Alien Skin.

Little propels me forward as much as creating new music of the genre I love. Now inspiration is more and more drawn from sources akin to the state of mind the years have etched. Increasing age, loss of nearest and dearest, nothing being new under the sun; all this can be a powerful director of one's focus.

"I do not believe in death I won't be around to know I'm gone" is an Andy Warhol quote I adapted for one of the album's songs. My own existential unravelling over the recent past is responsible for, "every face I see will die and every memory through my eyes will end with me" for another song.

The psyche present in these thoughts helped frame the concept of 'NEGATIVE PLUS' during months of Australian antarctic winter. Simultaneously though, I've always had a keen want to inject enduring pop melodies to balance the melancholic drama. If you can't remember the vocal tune of a song then I have failed.

Shamelessly dropping one final name: Lebanon Hanover's subversive lyric "sadness is rebellion" is one I've considered for some time. I realised this contemporary, pro 80s, darkwave/post-punk duo's epithet aligns with my own resistance to toxic positivity. And this considered attitude has resulted in the pathos drenched yet electro-humanoid Alien Skin album, 'NEGATIVE PLUS'. ~George


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Negative --
2 Please Come Home --
3 Charlotte And The Plague --
4 I Keep A Photo Of You --
5 Your Death Kiss --
6 The Sedative Is Wearing Off --
7 Now Or Never --
8 Without You --
9 Some Of Us Are Like This --
10 Something I Can't Kill --
11 Seriously Myriam --
12 Rachel's Coming Home --
13 The Moon Is Red --

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