Alien Skin - New Romance: 1984 (CD)

Alien Skin - New Romance: 1984 (CD)1

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Date Added: 03/04/2020

by Atomium Magazine

Después de un increíble álbum "P.O.P. POP", el proyecto de George Pappas , Alien Skin , vuelve con un nuevo trabajo de estudio , esta vez con un disco mas intimo y con sonidos de la vieja escuela del synthpop y de allí su nombre "New Romance: 1984", el cual saldrá a la venta el 6 de Marzo por el sello ScentAir Records.-

"New Romance: 1984" es un álbum de Old skool, post-punk, synthpop de los años 70 y 8. Es lo que George escribía y actuaba en los locales de Melbourne en... See more

After an incredible album "P.O.P. POP", George Pappas project, Alien Skin, returns with a new studio work, this time with a more intimate album and with old school sounds of synthpop and hence his name "New Romance: 1984", which will be released on March 6 by the label ScentAir Records.-

"New Romance: 1984" is an album by Old Skoll, post-punk, synthpop from the 70 s and 8. s. It's what George was writing and performing at Melbourne premises at the time. Which is why it feels a more sincere album.
George describes his new job like this :" ' New Romance: 1984 ' is my most vital, melodic, synthesized, catchy and quirky album, and includes the stellar voice of Ireland's ' Empire State Human ' leader Aidan Casserly."

Alien Skin presents us songs with perfect aesthetics, featuring catchy tunes like " The Rubber Room ", " She Lives In Tunnels " or the wonderful " Stay Away From The Lollipop Clown ", which move us to the crowded clubs.-
Surprise the sound work of " She Looks A Lot Like Martin Gore From 1984 " along with the journey we take on " It Came From Outer Space ".-
The Synth pop of the s and its sounds are faithfully depicted on high quality themes such as " Waiting For Heaven ", " When The Wind Blows Mary " and the incredible performance present in " Dreams Of A Boy ".-
Where we see the most intimate touch on this new album is on deeper tracks like " She's Glass " and the hypnotic " Darkroom Sanctuary ".-

'NEW ROMANCE: 1984' brings us back to the origin of Alien Skin, releasing new music to a passionate audience of Synth pop and retro electropop lovers.


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