Alien Skin - New Romance: 1984 (CD)

Alien Skin - New Romance: 1984 (CD)1

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Date Added: 11/07/2020

by Side-Line Magazine

Background/Info: After last year's remarkable “P.O.P. Pop”-album, George Pappas (known from his involvement in Real Life) strikes back with a new work. But it’s not that totally new because as the title indicates, it brings us back to the early 80s when the Australian artist was a member of Strange Silence. The band played in the clubs of Melbourne. More than thirty years later the songs have been recovered from dust and reworked by Alien Skin while Aidan Casserly has been invited to do the backing vocals.

Content: It doesn’t take that long to notice the true 80s spirit supporting this album. This is pure old-school Electro-Pop featuring magic melody lines emerging from the analogue machines this work has been composed with. Some tracks are a bit darker while others reveal a sensual taste in the slow rhythmic and half spoken way of singing. Some of the melody lines remind me of OMD.

+ + + : No doubt about it, the 80s remain a reference when it comes to Electronic music. That’s because of the sounds of analogue equipment while today all sound treatments are nearly similar. This effect also comes through in the typical, deep carrying bass lines and some of the dry snare drums. The songs have been achieved with great effects bringing the early years of synth music back alive.

- - - : There's numerous cool songs featured in this work, but maybe not a ‘good-old’ hit song.

Conclusion: “New Romance: 1984” sounds like pure nostalgia, reminding me of a great time when I was a teenager enjoying life and dark music…

Best songs: “When The Wind Blows Mary”, “She Lives In Tunnels”, “Stay Away From The Lollipop Clown”, “Waiting For Heaven”.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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