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Alles und Nichts - MotherxAoc 1 (CD)

Alles und Nichts - MotherxAoc 1 (CD)


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Released on: 02. June 2023

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This release will be the start of a new series by Daniel.B. named “Alles Und Nichts ” meaning everything and nothing. It will be the usual eclectic exploration of sounds, not sticking to one style, but linked by Daniel’s “B-ness”… A lot of the work was done last year (Daniel’s “year off”…). For the moment the series will comprise 6 CDs, of which this is number 1.

Alles und Nichts: exploration of everything with sound. From Psychedelic music with Krautrock influences to Kosmische Musik. Featuring repetitive and hypnotic rhythms, spacey immersive and expansive sonic landscapes. It incorporates elements of traditional rock instrumentation, as well as electronic sounds, beats and effects. A blending of genres and sounds that creates the Alles Und Nichts musical experience.


No. Track Time
1 KTR 95 0 05:54
2 NdlR4 80 10:47
3 KTR 100 16:51
4 KTR 126 10:47
5 NdlR4 reprise 05:54

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