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Ambassador21 - Riot Death (Face Your Future Dealers) (CD)

Ambassador21 - Riot Death (Face Your Future Dealers) (CD)


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Released on: 05. November 2010

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with enough soap you could blow up the whole world. to make soap, first we have to render fat. put the fat in the water, and get the water boiling. as the fat renders, the tallow will float to the surface of the boiling water. more and more tallow will rise until the water is skinned over with a rainbow mother-of-pearl layer. use a big spoon to skim the layer off, and set this layer aside. boil and skim. when the fat’s boiled enough that no more tallow rises, throw out the boiling water. put the skimmed tallow into milk cartons with the tops opened all the way and put them in the fridge. a layer of something thick and clear is collecting on top of the tallow in the fridge. the clear layer is glycerin. you can mix the glycerin back in when you make soap. you can mix the glycerin with nitric acid to make nitroglycerin. you can mix the nitroglycerin with sodium nitrate and sawdust to make dynamite. you can mix the nitroglycerin with more nitric acid and paraffin and make gelatin explosives. you can blow up bridges, you could blow up a building, easy. with enough soap you could blow up the whole world - with this album you'll have the perfect soundtrack!


No. Track Time
1 (Russian Roulette) First Aid --
2 (A La Guerre Comme A La Guerre) S Vs. M --
3 (Turn Yourself) Middle Fingers Up. Up! --
4 (Rock-N-Roll) Always Crunk --
5 (Power Rage Riot Death) Legion Mics --
6 (Face Your Future Killers) My Defence --
7 (In Love) Basses For The Masses --
8 (Phantom) Diewatch --
9 (Pray And Recharge) Future Sound Off --
10 (Start With A Drums) I Shot The Sheriff --
11 (New War Sensation) Twelve --
12 (Gang Bang) This Is Song About Fuckin' --
13 (Finish With Dynamite) Convulsion --
14 (Riot Death) Face Your Future Dealers --

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