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Angstfabrikk - Uneilig (CD)

Angstfabrikk - Uneilig (CD)


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Released on: 17. August 2012

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Uneilig – the new album is seeing the lights of the city, of the whole continent, the lights of the day. Hereby, the three blood-curdling members of ANGSTFABRIKK (Ralf, Mike and Eric) are setting another milestone on behalf of sustainability and a positive carbon footprint.

It´s their particular contribution on the matter of deceleration. Quotation: “Anyone can make broad strokes - we rather fiddle about the edges!”

Actually, the new album was supposed to be called P.O.S.T, however, the idea was monitored and stolen. However, as anybody might remember from childhood-days: playing “telephone”, the final result is usually quite different from the beginning. Hence, a well-known Electropopband from Berlin now calls their new album S.T.O.P. Good luck to them, we keep our fingers crossed. ;-)

Uneilig does in no case refer to the tempi of the different songs, as they are lively and danceable. A broad sound spectrum from shallow electropop to mechanical flinty EBM – even Cybergoths get their money´s worth. Uneilig rather refers to the time of production, only – haste makes waste!


No. Track Time
1 Flucht aus Berlin 04:18
2 Aengstlich 04:22
3 Homoerotique 03:49
4 Musquelkatze 03:51
5 EBM Aerobique 04:22
6 Orientalique 03:55
7 Maschinqua Quaputt 04:17
8 Ique 03:40
9 Liebchen 04:46
10 Ameriquanos (instrumental) 03:07
11 Slot Machine (feat. Dennis Schober) 04:37

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