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Anhedonia - Ontology (CD)

Anhedonia - Ontology (CD)


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Released on: 27. March 2009

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Dark Electro, Ambient und Industrial aus Tschechien. Auf 550 Stück limitierte CD im DVD-Pack.

A long awaited album of this talented musician, who has with its album DESTRUCTIVE FORCES crossed waters of idm genre and his next phase will be for sure a desert for fans of industrial community. Crystal electronics in pulsating rhythms and atmospheric labyrinths is again timeless phase in production of this creative artist, that is crossing over boundaries of human perception. Noncommercial electronic full of alterations and industrial methods in combination with melodies and destructive surfaces.

On this album you can find interesting cooperations with projects like: DOCTOROFMINDMD, SOMBRA, DISHARMONY, that has moved this work again on higher level.


No. Track Time
1 Intro --
2 Entire Lack Of Joy --
3 Anhedonia (feat. Doctorofmindmd) --
4 Drone --
5 Crossroads Of Evolution --
6 Emitter Junction --
7 Empty Visions --
8 Ontology --
9 Sounds --
10 Iinstincts --
11 Asmodium (feat. Sombra) --
12 Empty fellings (feat. Disharmony) --
13 They Have Been Released --
14 Leaving Deamons Behind (feat. Unicode) --
15 Outro --

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