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Aux Animaux - Body Horror (CD)

Aux Animaux - Body Horror (CD)


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Released on: 19. January 2024

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Much talked about Debut album by the HIGHLY promising Swedish solo Dark Wave project!

AUX ANIMAUX is a “Hauntwave” artist from Stockholm with a soft spot for horror, mixing dark synth tunes with dystopic sounds and haunting vocals and theremin. Her songs draw inspiration from the 80s dark wave and goth bands, as well as occultism and horror movies.

Aux Animaux released her first songs in 2017. She has been touring both in Sweden and rest of Europe, opening for artist, such as She Past Away, Hante, Then Comes Silence among others.

The reason the album is called Body Horror is multi-layered. Firstly, this is the artist’s first album with EBM influences that can be heard especially in tracks such as “Sleep Paralysis”, “Venus Lucifer”, “Blackout” and “Night”. It also has to do with the health problems the artist has had the last year, that affected her both physically and mentally, causing her to feel like a character out of a body horror film. Horror influences are clearly heard on the album (among others) with samples taken from the movies such as The Shining, Halloween or Dracula.

The latest single “Night” is a song inspired by vampire movies. The song is written from the perspective of a vampire enjoying its time during the night. The song opens with a sampling of Bela Lugosi from the classic Dracula. The artist dedicates this song to all ”children of the night.” The song features Aux Animaux’ specific sounds such as dark bass synths and dark, but haunting vocals.


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Redrum (Intro) --
2 Sleep Paralysis --
3 Venus Lucifer --
4 Night --
5 Blackout --
6 Devastation Song --
7 Lost Souls --
8 Violence in the Silence --
9 Anxious --

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