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Antipole & Paris Alexander - Crystalline (CD)

Antipole & Paris Alexander - Crystalline (CD)


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Veröffentlicht: 12. Mai 2023

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Since the mid-2010s there has been new music from Norway's ANTIPOLE aka Karl Morten Dahl every two years. He doesn't set any musical limits and likes to cooperate with other musicians, as is the case now again on the new album "Crystalline" - with PARIS ALEXANDER, singer, songwriter and music producer. Paris and Antipole have remixed many acts, including Clan of Xymox and She Past Away. He often collaborates with the Artist Eirene (who also contributes vocals on the track ‘Marble’) and has also worked with the band Leg Puppy.

2 years after the extremely successful collaboration with KILL SHELTER, this album offers a crystal-clear production, driving 4/4 beat, wavy guitars and melancholic vocals, all mastered in a contemporary "fat" way: The result is an almost perfect combination of the Wave/Coldwave of the 80s and modern club sound for the dancefloors. A sort of mix of Tobias Bernstrup and label mates Ascii Disko, although that only roughly captures the sound of this massive album!

Similar to such diverse musicians as Molly Nilsson, Rue Oberkampf, Molchat Doma or Tamaryn – with whose sound "Crystalline" has little to do - this should appeal to a wider audience that goes beyond the Wave/Postpunk-scene and above all is younger too. For a long time it has been observed that young people hardly listen to music for a certain "scene" anymore, but go through the clubs with far more open should be danceable and ANTIPOLE & PARIS ALEXANDER certainly deliver!


Nr. Track Zeit
1 Perceptions --
2 Nightshade --
3 Bleached --
4 Disjointed --
5 Midnight Shadows --
6 Marble --
7 Infractions --
8 Sentiments --

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